Clinton's Collateral Damage (The Well / Cover Story)

She rescued her campaign by getting tougher on Obama, but Democrats worry how the war of attrition will hurt their party

Interview with Clinton: One Day at a Time (The Well / Cover Story)

On the day after her Ohio and Texas victories, TIME managing editor Rick Stengel caught up with Hillary Clinton to talk about the challenges ahead. Here are some excerpts from the interview


Can Obama Play Offense? (The Well / Campaign '08 | Obama)

Suddenly looking vulnerable after Clinton's victories in Ohio and Texas, the new kind of candidate promises to push back

Interview with Obama: Still Confident (The Well / TIME Interview)

Barack obama flew home to Chicago on Wednesday morning after the Ohio and Texas contests. Along the way, he spoke with TIME's Jay Newton-Small about his next steps and the increasingly gritty race for the Democratic nomination. Here are excerpts

The Race Goes On (In The Arena)

By focusing on national security — and laughing at herself — Clinton stays alive. Now it's up to Obama to prove he's not just another politician


The Wire's War on the Drug War (Viewpoint / Viewpoint)

The writers of the HBO series believe the war on drugs has ruined millions of lives. Here's the suggestion for how to end it

An Old Story

Two more memoirs are exposed as fakes. Why do writers do it? For the same reason you do


Diplomatic Dash (The Moment)

In Gaza, hurried new attempts to solve a very old conflict


No Moral Clarity in Darfur (The Well / World)

The conflict has defied the best efforts of envoys, activists and Hollywood stars. Now it's turning the victims into villains

Postcard: Greensburg (Postcard: Greensburg)

A tiny Kansas town was obliterated by a tornado last spring. But its citizens are using the opportunity to turn their community green. Building back from the rubble


Finding Energy All Around Us (The Well / Science)

With power supplies getting tighter around the world, scientists are looking to scavenge extra energy from heat, rainstorms — even footsteps


Scents and Sensitivity (Life: Living - Religion - Technology / Living)

Some perfume lovers have a passion for rare fragrances made in small batches

The Six Scents

Taste in fragrance is subjective, but these lesser-known perfumes suit nearly every mood

The Evangelical Onion (Life: Living - Religion - Technology / Religion)

Who says conservative Christians can't have their own deadpan, sharp-barbed send-up?

The Favre Connection (The Well / Sport)

There will be better quarterbacks than Brett Favre. But his bond with fans may never be repeated


Is Shrink-Wrapped Software Dead? (Life: Living - Religion - Technology / Technology)

If the current wave of free webware keeps swelling, you may never buy a computer program again


Can a Film Change The World? (Arts: Movies - Art - Downtime / Movies)

Message movies are getting hotter. But are they making any difference?

The Big Bang (Arts: Movies - Art - Downtime / Art)

Gunpowder drawings, car-bomb art--Cai Guo-Qiang's career is booming

5 Things You Should Know About (Arts: Movies - Art - Downtime / Downtime)

Families lose one another (three different ways), while Van finds his old form