What Makes Us Moral (The Well / Science)

Morality and empathy are writ deep in our genes. Alas, so are savagery and bloodlust. Science is now learning what makes us both noble and terrible--and perhaps what can make us better


The Morality Quiz

Here are some of the dilemmas used to study human morality. Take this quiz to see how you compare to other readers


The Year in Medicine From A to Z (The Well / The Year in Medicine From A to Z)

The new stem-cell breakthrough is the scientific bulletin of the year, but 2007 provided a whole alphabet of medical news, as TIME's A-to-Z guide shows


Change of Climate (The Well / Nation)

With Congress trying to do something about global warming, even the candidates are sensing the new mood

Is Obama's Iowa Surge for Real? (The Well / Nation)

The polls are positive, and the Illinois Senator appears fired up. But winning means connecting with individual voters


The Tone-Deaf Democrats (Commentary)

Too many of them — in Congress and the presidential campaign — still don't get national security


Jerusalem Divided (The Well / World)

Our correspondent's personal guide to the city where Arabs and Israelis somehow have to find a way to get along

Postcard: Cornwall (Postcard)

One of Britain's most popular tourist stops is ... a set of domes built in a clay pit? A look at England's burgeoning romance with everything green


No Ho Ho. (The Moment)

Money worries and culture wars make shopping feel like an obstacle course

The $102,000 Debate (Politics)

The two parties usually debate each other over Social Security.  So why are Obama and Clinton arguing about it?


Skip the Botox. Try Facial Yoga (Life: Education - Health - Environment - Food - Religion - Living / Health)

Yoga enthusiasts say the routine practice of making funny faces can take years off your appearance.

Black Is Beautiful (Life: Education - Health - Environment - Food - Religion - Living / Food)

An Asian culinary trend heads west as ebony ingredients begin to show up on fashionable menus

Bring Eco-Power to the People (Life: Education - Health - Environment - Food - Religion - Living / Going Green)

Van Jones is on a mission to clean up both pollution and poverty in the inner city

Fighting for the Right to Dry (Life: Education - Health - Environment - Food - Religion - Living / Living)

Neighbors are battling over whether the clothesline is an energy saver or an eyesore

Tutors for Toddlers (Life: Education - Health - Environment - Food - Religion - Living / Education)

Anxious parents are trying to give their kids an academic edge before they even get to kindergarten

Sunday School for Atheists (Life: Education - Health - Environment - Food - Religion - Living / Religion)

An oxymoron? Nope — nonbelievers need places to teach their kids values too


Peak Possibilities (The Well / The Curious Capitalist)

Signs abound that oil production may be topping out. Is this the end of the world as we know it?

Is Facebook Overrated? (The Well / Business)

The cool kid on the Web has everyone's attention, but the social-networking site still needs profits to match its promise


Holiday Movie Roundup (Holiday Movie Roundup)

Welcome to the 2007 holiday-movie season and TIME's preview thereof


What to seek out and what to avoid this week in entertainment


10 Questions for Mark Cuban

You may recognize him as the Dallas Mavericks' loudmouth owner. But this tech billionaire has also got rhythm: he recently shimmied his hips on Dancing with the Stars. Mark Cuban will now take your questions


Divine Import (Pursuits: Taste Of Japan - City Secrets / Taste of Japan)

Premium sake is moving up in the beverage industry as more Americans discover new ways to appreciate an old drink

What's the Buzz? (Pursuits: Taste Of Japan - City Secrets / City Secrets)

Urban beekeeping is taking flight as swarms of honeybees alight on capitals like London and Paris

The Ultimate Meal (Pursuits: Taste Of Japan - City Secrets / Taste of Japan)

A reservation at one of Osaka's kaiseki restaurants is also a lesson in true luxury