Barack Obama: The Contender (Cover Story / The Well)

In his new mode, he's challenging the idea of Hillary Clinton's inevitability. But going on offense has put him on the defensive


George W. Bush: Diplomat (The Well / White House Memo)

It's true; in the waning of his presidency, he has discovered some of his dad's old tricks

The Identity Card (Viewpoint)

Will Obama's mixed race make it harder for him to appeal to both white and black voters?


Generation X-mas

How an upstart film became a holiday icon for the post-boomer set


Somalia on the Edge (Somalia)

It's back in the news, as Islamic extremists fight U.S. allies and the risk of a regional war in the Horn of Africa grows. Is this the next front in the war on terrorism?

Postcard: Shenzhen (Postcard: Shenzhen)

As the Chinese middle class expands, so does its curious appetite for foreign-themed amusement parks. Behind the scenes at China's very own Swiss alpine resort


Cutting a Climate Deal (Life: Environment - Food - Power Of One - Fit Nation / Going Green)

What the big players want at the upcoming talks on global warming


The Next Attention Deficit Disorder? (The Well / Behavior)

If you haven't heard of sensory processing disorder, or SPD, you're not alone. It's not in the medical books. So why are so many kids being treated for it?


Exit Wound. (The Moment)

Pakistan's leader leaves the army, but his war on the constitution continues


Head Games (Life: Environment - Food - Power Of One - Fit Nation / Sport)

Girls are getting more concussions than boys are. Why they are at risk

Absinthe Is Back (Life: Environment - Food - Power Of One - Fit Nation / Food)

After a 95-year ban, the supposedly hallucinogenic liqueur returns to the U.S. Absintini, anyone?

Blueprint Brigade (Life: Environment - Food - Power Of One - Fit Nation / Power of One)

An engineering professor is harnessing people power to build solutions for the developing world

The Diet-Pill Dilemma (Life: Environment - Food - Power Of One - Fit Nation / Fit Nation)

When willpower fails, are antiobesity drugs worth the risk of less-than-pleasant side effects?


Bracing for a Recession (The Well / Business)

Consumers drive the U.S. economy. But we're maxed out on our debt, and the good times may be coming to an end

5 Ways to Survive a Downturn (The Well / Business)

Should a slowdown become a downturn, it pays to be ready. A commonsense guide to surviving in a volatile economy


The Golden Compass vs. the Church (Arts: Movies - Books - Downtime / Books)

Behind a family-friendly new movie stands an author who casts a skeptical eye on religion

Downtime (Arts: Movies - Books - Downtime / Downtime)

What to seek out and what to avoid this week in entertainment



Two-Wheeled Ego Boosters (Global Business: Energy - Top Business Teams - Life At The Top / Life At The Top)

Willing to pay a million bucks for a bike? Get in line. The custom-cycle business is vrooming

Sharp's Way of Reshaping Television (Global Business: Energy - Top Business Teams - Life At The Top / Top Business Teams)

A radical rethinking of its design approach led Sharp down the path of innovation

Is Chavez Taking Too Many Oil Risks? (Global Business: Energy - Top Business Teams - Life At The Top / Energy)

Venezuela needs to invest to boost its oil output. But at $98 a barrel, why bother? Call it the Chávez conundrum

Business Books (Business Books)

Love in the workplace? Two authors who each found it recommend canoodling with your colleagues. Plus, a $140 million mistake; Cramer on beating the market