V-22 Osprey: A Flying Shame (Cover Story / The Well)

After an investment of $20 billion, the V-22 Osprey arrives in Iraq to make its combat debut — lacking both firepower and the ability to land safely. A TIME investigation


Flight Risk for the V-22 Osprey

After decades of trouble-plagued development, the V-22 Osprey is headed for Iraq. A look at the design of the V-22 Osprey



Inflating a Little Man (Commentary)

The neoconservatives want you to think Ahmadinejad is another Hitler. That's dishonest, and plumps for war

Access Denied (Commentary)

The U.S. has taken in few Iraqi refugees, and that's no accident. To do more means admitting the catastrophe

Space Brains

Fifty years ago, the Soviets launched Sputnik. The U.S. flipped out--then got smart


Out of Reach? (The Well / Nation)

He has charisma to burn. But that may not be enough for Barack Obama to catch up to Hillary Clinton

Sport: Courting Eighth-Graders (The Well / Sport)

Ryan Boatright, 14, just entered high school. He's already got a scholarship to USC. Are college coaches going too far to win?


The Latin Hillary Clinton (The Well / World)

The First Lady and a powerful senator in her own right, Cristina Fernàndez de Kirchner could be Argentina's next President

Postcard: Brazil (Postcard: Brazil.)

On São Paulo's chaotic streets, ambulances often can't get through the traffic to an accident scene. Hence the motorbike medic. Our reporter follows along for a wild ride


Till Work Do Us Part (Life: Society - Food - Space - Religion - Technology / Society)

Desirable jobs lead some dual-career couples into dual-address marriages--with surprising bonuses

Taste Tests (Food)

In Cornell's food lab, wacky experiments analyze how we decide what--and how much--to eat

A Comeback for Confession (Life: Society - Food - Space - Religion - Technology / Religion)

American Catholics consider confession old hat. Now the church has new plans to get them back


Why the Dollar Is a 98-lb. Weakling (The Well / The Curious Capitalist)

Does a falling greenback mean the end is near for the U.S.? No, but change is coming, and it won't be pretty


The Worm That Roared (Life: Society - Food - Space - Religion - Technology / Technoculture)

The most sophisticated virus of all time may be a front for a new kind of organized crime


Souped-Up Telescope (Life: Society - Food - Space - Religion - Technology / Space)

An observatory in California may outperform the orbiting Hubble--without ever leaving the ground


Jerry Seinfeld Goes Back to Work (Arts: Movies - Downtime / Movies)

Nine years after his sitcom, he's about to resurface. Is there life after fame, wealth and yada yada yada?

Downtime: 5 Things to Check Out (Arts: Movies - Downtime / Downtime)

New releases from two American greats--Springsteen and Roth--and three other entertainments just for fun


10 Questions for Jimmy Carter (10 Questions)

After leaving office he started the humanitarian Carter Center. Now he reflects on its 25th anniversary in a new book, Beyond the White House. Jimmy Carter will now take your questions


The Snub (Moment)

Laura Bush's undiplomatic act offers a lesson in principled incivility



C-E-Know-How (Global Business)

The latest corner-office memoirs offer insights from three very different perspectives, from corporate pinstripe to trailer park. The virtues of a rubber chicken

Autopian Vision (Business / Manufacturing)

India's Tata Motors wants to build a car so cheap it will put the developing world on four wheels

Croatia's Approach Shot (Business / The Golf Game)

Investors see it as the first hot golf destination in the postwar Balkans