How to Fix No Child Left Behind (Education Special Report)

The landmark law reshaped public education and made schools accountable. But it is flawed. Here's our report card


How Do Children in Your State Test?

The law requires students to be tested annually to determine their reading and math skills, but states create their own tests. Explore the difficulty of tests in your state


Can a Guest Worker Program Work? (The Well / Nation)

The new immigration bill aims to revamp the guest worker program. A look at North Carolina shows what needs fixing


Is al-Qaeda on the Run in Iraq? (Commentary)

Violence in Anbar province has plummeted. But if al-Qaeda is in retreat, says Joe Klein, the Shi'ite-Sunni split is widening

A Campaign Role Reversal (Commentary)

The Democratic Presidential race is orderly. The G.O.P. race is volatile. Which party will benefit?




Pain in the Gas (The Moment)

How much would it actually take for drivers to change their ways?


Supermarket Science (Life: Behavior-business-technology-the Power Of One-fit Nation / Behavior)

Given tiny sales margins, product positioning is crucial. Here's how it's done

Buy American! (Life: Behavior-business-technology-the Power Of One-fit Nation / The Curious Capitalist)

China does. The Saudis too. Loaded with dollars, they are buying U.S. assets. Is that good?

The Battle Over Music Piracy (Life / Technoculture)

Viewpoint: Record labels don't trust us with their music. But they need to retune that thinking, says Lev Grossman


Why We Get Disgusted (Life: Behavior-business-technology-the Power Of One-fit Nation / Behavior)

A new study explains why we think some things are icky — and marketers are starting to pay attention

Herbal Remedies' Potential Dangers (Life: Behavior-business-technology-the Power Of One-fit Nation / FIT NATION)

People swear by herbal supplements, but they may do more harm than good


Why Pirates 3 is Washed Up (Arts: Exhibition - Culture Complex - Movies - Downtime / Review)

The third time isn't a charm for the popular Pirates of the Caribbean franchise

The Price Is Righteous (Culture Complex)

Bob Barker's show gets more love than respect, but it tells all you need to know about America

15 Best Game Show Hosts

As Bob Barker retires from the Price is Right, TIME takes a look back at some of the best game show hosts in history

The Cannes-Do List (Arts: Exhibition - Culture Complex - Movies - Downtime / Downtime)

From that glamorous festival on the French Riviera, five films you will--and in some cases should--be seeing soon


A New Role for Fred Thompson (Profile)

On screen and in the Senate, he has looked the part. Now the Law and Order star must decide if he's typecast for President

Thompson on the Big Screen

The Watergate lawyer, Tennessee senator and 2008 Republican presidential hopeful has built an impressive resume of gruff yet avuncular supporting roles on TV and film


A Shoemaker Gets a Makeover (Global Business: Entertainment-retail-small Business / SMALL BUSINESS)

A pair of turnaround specialists got footwear giant R.G. Barry back on its feet

How Topshop Changed Fashion (Global Business: Entertainment-retail-small Business / RETAIL)

Already ruling the fast-fashion market in Britain, the clothing chain has set its sights on the US

Going After Ticketmaster (Global Business: Entertainment-retail-small Business / ENTERTAINMENT)

A crowd of online cometitors threatens Ticketmaster's domination of concert and sports tickets sales