Book Excerpt: The Assault on Reason

"Why do reason, logic and truth seem to play a diminished role in the way America now makes important decisions?," writes Al Gore in his new book


Jerry's Kids

Where Falwell preached division, a new generation seeks common ground



Battling Term-Paper Cheats (Life: Society - Education - Fashion / Education)

As more students turn to online paper mills for help, schools are fighting back with their own high-tech methods of detecting cheats. Are they overreacting?

The Lavender Heart of Texas (Life: Society - Education - Fashion / Society)

How once conservative Dallas has quietly become one of the nation's most gay-friendly cities


Oath of Loyalty (The Moment)

How illegal wiretapping connects with the U.S. Attorney scandal


Can Chrysler Be Cured? (The Well / Business)

It's a health-care company with car issues. And fixing it may require reshaping the U.S. auto industry


Wedding Dresses that Stand Out (Life: Society - Education - Fashion / Fashion)

Brides seeking elegant simplicity find it in Ethiopian designer Amsale Aberra's chic gowns

Cheat Sheet (Arts: Movies - Books - Downtime / Downtime)

What you should see, what you should skip--and what you won't be able to avoid


Slam, Glam, Serena (The Well / Profile)

A dismal loss in Tasmania yanked the outspoken, bootylicious tennis star out of a funk. Having won the Australian Open, she's powered up for the French

Michael Moore's New Diagnosis (The Well / Interview)

With his latest work Sicko, the filmmaker takes on healthcare. He talks to TIME about HMOs, getting booed and loving France


Small Is Essential (Global Business / TOP BUSINESS TEAMS)

With a million users and a payroll of eight, software sensation 37signals excels by doing more with less

Heavy Hitter (Global Business / Energy)

Alexander Medvedev, the hockey-playing deputy head of Gazprom, isn't afraid to slam opponents into the boards

Altitude Adjustment (Global Business / Airlines)

Long delays and jammed airports knock India's soaring airline industry back down to earth