What Romney Believes (Nation / Romney)

His father's Presidential bid ended after he stuck to his convictions. The question for Mitt Romney is, Does he have any?

Romney's Mormon Question (Nation / Romney)

Is the U.S. ready to elect a president whose religion has become such an issue?


Inside the Scandal at Justice (The Well / TIME Investigation)

Five months after eight U.S. attorneys were fired, Congress is beginning to uncover how deeply politics shaped the department

Fighting for Free Speech in Schools (Law)

Kids are upping the battle over their First Amendment rights, even taking one case -- about a "Bong hits 4 Jesus" banner -- to the Supreme Court


Is freedom failing? (Commentary)

From Russia to Bangladesh, democracy is under assault. Here's what the West must do to save it


What Europe's New Leaders Could Do (Europe)

The arrival of fresh faces in France and Britain could lead to closer ties between America's oldest European allies. That's also good news for the U.S.

When East Fought West (History)

The Indian uprising of 150 years ago was an act of resistance against imposed ideals



Katrina in Kansas (The Moment)

Hearing echoes of New Orleans as a tornado leaves a town in ruins



Checkout: Continuing the Magic (Checkout)

On the eve of the release of the final Harry Potter book, we offer a few last-ditch ideas for keeping the series alive

Is Shrek Bad for Kids? (Movies)

The green ogre and his movie comrades have upended the cliches of fairy tales. But have they lost a sense of wonder?


Why We Should Share the Wealth (The Power of One)

Rockefeller did it. The Gateses are doing it. If every billionaire chipped in, it would transform the world


Francesco Morawetz (Innovators: New Ways to Travel)

One of the world's most exclusive residential clubs comes to one of the world's most beautiful cities

Hermann Freidanck (Innovators: New Ways to Travel)

Hard to imagine famous chefs whipping up meals to be served in flight? Not anymore

Stelios Hadji-Ioannou (Innovators: New Ways to Travel)

The latest brainstorm from the man who gave us easyJet and easyBus: easyCruise, which puts the Greek islands in reach for everyone

Len Cordiner (Innovators: New Ways to Travel)

Booking gets easy as puts hard-to-find inns and B&Bs just a few mouse clicks away

Vacation Visionaries (Innovators: New Ways to Travel)

Luxury, philanthropy and the $70 Greek cruise are only part of the inventive new world of travel


An Event to Remember

The Time 100 gala brought together heroes and influentials from around the globe