Essay: The Alt TIME 100 (Essay)

A list for the rest of us, featuring lots of reality-TV stars, plus Sanjaya's hair


Undoing Jeb Bush in Florida (The Well / Nation)

The state's early primary could put a brighter spotlight on Charlie Crist, the governor who has won fans by building bipartisan bridges

Excerpt: Tenet Strikes Back (The Well / Book Excerpt)

In an exclusive Time excerpt, the ex-CIA director says the White House's Iraq policy is a 'slow motion car crash'

Why States Want Early Primaries (The Well / Nation)

Much of the schedule is still up in the air, but next year's primary season will start earlier -- and end sooner -- than ever before


The 2008 Formula (Commentary)

To get elected, the next President will have to both represent change and be hawkish on the war


Stopping the Dropout Exodus (Education)

New York City has more dropouts than most cities have students. It also has more ways to help them stay in school



Postcard: Tehran (Postcard: Tehran.)

Despite a culture that thrives on lavish weddings, men and women are officially barred from celebrating together. How some Iranians skirt the law in order to tie the knot

Palestinian Moms Becoming Martyrs (The Well / World)

More and more Palestinian women want to blow themselves up in attacks on Israel. But are they really choosing to die?


The World Bank's Real Problem (The Curious Capitalist)

Yes, Paul Wolfowitz got his girlfriend a raise, but the World Bank really needs to figure out why it still exists


On the road with Gerald Grinstein (Global Business)

Delta's hero will pull the airline from bankruptcy, leaving the skies on a high note. An inside look at airlines with a CEO who survived the turbulence

H&M Sets Up Shop in China (Global Business / Retail)

Success in Asia for the trendy Swedish retailer lies less in the cheap and more in the chic

Siemens Goes Mega (Global Business)

The loss of CEO Klaus Kleinfeld won't derail his plan to make it the world's infrastructure source

The Smell of Competition (Global Business / Marketing)

Fragrance-and-flavor suppliers aim to dazzle the senses as new markets emerge for their creativity

Don't Call It Vanity Press (Global Business / Small Business)

How Web start-up Blurb's glossy art books finally got some respect for self-publishing



The TIME 100 List

How do we pick the most influential people on the planet? We look for the ideas that are reshaping the world