51 Things We Can Do (Global Warming)

Here is our guide to some of the planet's best ideas, with an assessment of their impact and feel-good factor

On the Front Lines Of Climate Change (Global Warming)

Adapting to a warmer planet. The world's most vulnerable coastal communities are taking action now for a future of rising oceans and more severe floods. What America's cities can learn from them

What Now For Our Feverish Planet? (Cover Story / Global Warming)

Our feverish planet badly needs a cure. Climate change is caused by a lot of things, and it will take a lot of people to fix it. There's a role for big thinkers, power players, those with deep pockets--and the rest of us


The Dems' Universal Ailment (The Well / Nation)

All the party's major candidates are thinking big on fixing the broken health care system. How an untouchable issue became the hot topic for 2008

Crashing the Party (The Well / TIME Election Index)

As Clinton and Giuliani stall, voters give Edwards and McCain a new look


Ehud Olmert's Moment (Commentary)

With poll ratings at rock bottom, Israel's PM could make a grand gesture toward a Middle East breakthrough. Don't hold your breath says Joe Klein

A Can-Do Nation

The pessimistic story we're being told about America's capabilities is just plain wrong


Knee Deep (Life / Health)

Examining how exercise, fatigue and the differences between men and women affect sports injuries

Someone's Gotta Love It (Life / Why We Work)

People employed in dirty work have a lot to teach us, says its most famous chronicler

Race and the Georgetown Offense (Life / Sport)

Backdoor cuts. Ferocious slams. How Hoyas coach "JT3" has used his Princeton background to rewrite b-ball's racial "rules"

The Armageddon Gang (Life / The Curious Capitalist)

For a few market seers, recession is just an optimistic forecast

Parents: Relax (Life / The Contrarian)

Teens are acting more responsibly. It may even be time to reward them with some of the rights adults have

A New Fast-Food Invasion (Life / Food)

No, not McDonald's on the Champs Elysees. Joel Stein takes a taste from a new smorgasbord of foreign franchises that are popping up in the U.S.


Rough Justice (The Moment)

A time of misgivings about Guantnamo and what it has come to signify

Diplomacy Takes to the Friendly Skies (Dashboard / Dashboard)

The March 28 inaugural Washington-Beijing flight wasn't the only notable addition to global route maps. What the new nonstops say about a changing world


Postcard: Naples (Postcard)

Sure, this port city has serious crime. But the daily infractions are what make its citizens uniquely Neapolitan. Welcome to the town where La Dolce Vita and lawlessness mix

Iraq: The Small-Town War (The Well)

U.S. troops fight insurgents where they are dug in hardest: away from Baghdad, in the Iraqi hinterlands


How to Live with Cancer (Health)

Although the disease still has high mortality rates, more patients are living longer thanks to new therapies


The Mini-Computer Wars (The Well)

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has high hopes for his new FlipStart. But with powerful cellphones on the way, is there a niche for a shrunken laptop?


Blood on the Streets (Movies)

As horror films lure in ever more youthful audiences, parents wonder: How much, how young?


Olafur Grimsson (Innovators)

Iceland's President is turning the landscape into a lab for climate-change research

Peter Liu (Innovators)

Eco-entrepreneurs can seek funding at New Resource Bank, where the bankers are as green as the money

Shuji Nakamura (Innovators)

Working in obscurity, a researcher creates the ultra-high-efficiency descendants of Edison's incandescent lightbulb

Angela Belcher (Innovators)

An M.I.T. polymath uses genetic engineering to make a better car battery out of viruses


Take a Seat (Pursuits / Collecting)

With the contemporary-art market booming, limited-edition furniture has a whole new cachet


A Plan of Action

Now that the threat of global warming is more widely understood, our special issue shows how we can all do something about it