America's Broken-Down Army (Cover Story / The Well)

A TIME investigation into what the Iraq war has done to our fighting force — and what can be done to fix it


Don't Laugh at Al Franken (The Well / Profile)

The SNL alum and best-selling critic of all things conservative turns his eye to the Senate. Can he convince Minnesotans that his candidacy isn't a joke?

Keeping Up The Fight (Portfolio / Portfolio)

TIME photographer Anthony Suau provides a portrait of an America where the heartbreak of war remains a daily struggle


On Patrol in a Polarized City

Long distrusted by the region's Catholics, Northern Ireland's police are trying to recast the force as nonpartisan


Student Stuntmen (Life / Education)

A French import has college hipsters going head over heels, but some campus cops think it's a little too fly

The Drifters (Life / The Law)

U.S. Supreme Court Justices may come to the bench with an ideological point of view, but it changes

All Steamed Up (Life / Going Green)

The world's biggest country is starting to go geothermal thanks to one of the smallest

Hormone Therapy Redeemed (Health)

After years of studies suggesting estrogen may have health risks for older women, the treatment for menopause is more or less back where it started

The Hyperconnected (Life / TECHNOCULTURE)

We're addicted to data, and new inventions like Twitter and the iPhone will only make it worse

Acting Like a President (Life / History)

Most politicians who make it to the White House have also become masters of the art of performing

Lay Off, Suze Orman! (Life / Business)

Why do personal finance books for women try to make them feel guilty? In fact, women are not spendaholics -- at least, not compared with men


Money Yells (The Moment)

In the first primary, Romney and Obama crash their parties


Cheat Sheet (Downtime)

What you won't be able to avoid, what you should see--and what you should skip

Why American Idol Keeps Soaring (Television)

LaKisha, Melinda, Sanjaya — they've got us hooked again. What TV's unstoppable hit says about American tastes


David Stockman's Second Act (Commentary)

Reagan's budget guy is charged with fraud. Didn't he practice his fiscal finagling on the master?

An Administration's Epic Collapse (Commentary)

Bush's response to three scandals, says Joe Klein, shows once again that his hyper-partisanship has been a travesty of governance and a comprehensive failure

The Age of U-Turns

Flip-flops get a bad name, but often the best course is to reverse course


Wrinkles in Living Color (Global Business / Marketing)

Can Dove sell a new line of beauty products by telling women that aging is O.K.?

Microfinance: Lending a hand (Global Business / Microfinance)

Fighting poverty with small loans is hot, but microcredit is not a magic bullet for underdevelopment