What Now For Our Feverish Planet?

Our feverish planet badly needs a cure. Climate change is caused by a lot of things, and it will take a lot of people to fix it. There's a role for big thinkers, power players, those with deep pockets--and the rest of us

Suzi Eszterhas - Minden Pictures

An Adelie penguin looks over the edge of an iceberg on Paulet Island, Antarctica.

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It was probably always too much to believe that human beings would be responsible stewards of the planet. We may be the smartest of all the animals, endowed with exponentially greater powers of insight and abstraction, but we're animals all the same. That means that we can also be shortsighted and brutish, hungry for food, resources, land--and heedless of the mess we leave behind trying to get them.

And make a mess we have. If droughts and wildfires, floods and crop failures, collapsing climate-sensitive species and the images of drowning polar bears didn't quiet most of the remaining...

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