The Perils of Being a Frontrunner

John McCain was a straight-talking upstart in the 2000 presidential election. Now he's poised to be the G.O.P. favorite for 2008, But at what cost?


Crime: The Spy Who Knew Too Much (Crime)

The investigation into the death of a Russian dissident in London heats up and sheds an ugly light on Vladimir Putin's rule

Looking The Other Way

The U.S. wants to turn over security to the Iraqis. But that sometimes means ignoring their crimes

Avoiding Iraq Syndrome (Viewpoint)

Viewpoint: Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, warns against letting the failure in Iraq cause America to lose sight of its global role


A Condo on The Moon... (Space)

The manned space program heats up as NASA unveils its plans for a lunar base and finds signs of flowing water on Mars



Can We Improve on Affirmative Action? (Notebook / In The Arena)

The Supreme Court appears set to roll back racial preferences. But there may be better ways to achieve racial diversity


The Big Gulp at Starbucks

The already ubiquitous coffee chain hopes to triple its outlets—without diluting its boutique-y culture


Holiday Movies

What to do when there are only 12 days of Christmas but dozens of movies on offer? Here's a guide to some worth braving the crowds for

5 Great Photo Books (Worth Your Time)

To wrap up an issue filled with pictures, here are some terrific picture books



How to Have a Green Christmas (Home)

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it's also the most wasteful. Here's how you can be kind to the environment and still celebrate in style.



My Person of the Year (Forum)

To help us make this year's selection, TIME asked people who have been featured in the magazine for their 2006 nominations. A sampling:



The Fight For the Middle (Time Bonus Section January 2007: Inside Business / Competition)

JCPenney and Kohl's are duking it out in a market sector they've revived

Play It Again, Boys (Time Bonus Section January 2007: Inside Business / Show Business)

After departing Disney, the Weinsteins have a new label and a new strategy

Change Agent: Telltale Fingertips (Time Bonus Section January 2007: Inside Business / Change Agent)

With biometrics, how you type can allow websites to know who you are--or aren't

Management: Growing Younger (Time Bonus Section January 2007: Inside Business / Management)

How profitable services and a savvy marketing campaign are fueling AARP's torrid growth

Small Business: Hackers For Hire (Time Bonus Section January 2007: Inside Business / Small Business)

Banks pay TraceSecurity and other companies to steal from them--and then show them the holes in their defenses

CEO Speaks: Q&A Daniel Vasella (Time Bonus Section January 2007: Inside Business / CEO Speaks)

The chief of drugmaker Novartis, a physician, has high hopes for cancer vaccines

New Routes To Profit? (Time Bonus Section January 2007: Inside Business / Global Influences)

Hurt by competition in the U.S., big airlines are looking to Accra and other far-off locales for profit