The Best Photos of 2006 (2006 in Retrospective)

Time presents a selection of the most compelling images of 2006, from ruination in Beirut to rebirth in New Orleans; the ifs and butts of Germany's World Cup; stem cells up close; and, the real O.C.


The Spy Who Knew Too Much (Europe | Russia)

The mysterious death of Alexander Litvinenko — the ex-KGB agent who turned on the Kremlin— may read like the plot of a spy thriller. But the classic methods of the murder inquiry still apply: Who had the motive? The means? The opportunity?



Cold Comforts (Diversions)

Take the high road to Loch Lomond Golf Club for a fantastic new spa

Small World (Site Seeing)

A web community committed to sustainable tourism development helps small hotels to increase their online presence

Cab Savvy (Time Traveler)

Taxi journeys in China are made easy with a set of guides listing addresses in both Chinese and English

A New Chapter (City Guide)

Siem Reap, Cambodia's cultural capital, is a city of delights


Ignorance is a Killer

In The Ghost Map, Steven Johnson charts a Victorian cholera outbreak with lessons for the world today