Bush Looks for an Exit (Nation)

The President is about to get a very public intervention from the Baker Commission. Will Bush listen to an old family friend, or will stubbornness prevail?

Iraq: The War Without Honors (Nation)

U.S. troops are fighting and dying with valor. So why have so few received the military's top awards?


What I Did On My Travels

Two weeks of globetrotting gives the President a chance to see the world--and escape from gloating Democrats


Moscow on the Thames (Letter From London)

Lots of Russians — not just spies — are calling London home.

Losing Lebanon

Once a beacon of democracy in the Middle East, Lebanon is veering toward civil war. Here's what went wrong


The Hospital Wars (Health Care)

Surgery and imaging centers owned by doctors are swiping patients from traditional hospitals. Competition is good, right? Not always in health care, where an arms race keeps the costs rising

Extra: Newspapers Aren't Dead

Some predict their imminent demise, but the dailies remain profitable, popular and powerful. Here's why they'll survive


What's Toxic In Toyland (Health)

San Francisco's ban on toys like these has sparked a sharp debate about the dangers of plastic contaminants



Middle America's Crime Wave (Crime)

Violent offenses are rising in midsize cities for the first time in a decade. A look at what's behind the surge — and why it won't be slowing anytime soon


The Absurdity of it All (Notebook / In the Arena)

Bush's summit with al-Maliki had all the makings of a dramatic turning point. Instead it was a farce.


My Person of the Year (Forum)

To help us make this year's selection, TIME asked cover subjects and previous Persons of the Year for their 2006 nominations. A sampling:


Books: Bring Back the T. Rex (Books)

Crichton's latest scientific nightmare is full of out-of-control geneticists and their mutant creations. Yawn

Robert DeNiro in the Director's Chair (Movies)

The actor's second directorial effort, The Good Shepherd, took 8 years to make. In an exclusive Q&A he explains why, gives a few one word answers and examines weaponry in a completely non-menacing way

7 Books Kids Will Love (Worth Your Time)

What's the secret of great stories for children? Making sure parents enjoy them too




Meet the Real Santas (Time Bonus Section December 2006: Connections)

Real beards, real bellies. But what kind of guy wants to look like St. Nick?

A Better House Blend (Time Bonus Section December 2006: Connections)

When the kids are yours, mine and ours, it takes wisdom and work to treat everyone fairly

Q&A Ms. Manners (Time Bonus Section December 2006: Connections)

There's nothing funny about rude behavior, says comedian Whoopi Goldberg in a new kids' book

Looking To the Future (Time Bonus Section January 2007: Global Business / Tech Pioneers)

Paper batteries? Solar trash cans? Some surprising new tech that could change your life

GEORGE ADAMS: Find the Bad Protein; Then, Fix It (Time Bonus Section January 2007: Global Business / Tech Pioneers)

Dr. Neil Cashman came up with a diagnostic kit usable by blood banks everywhere to detect VCJD, and approched George Adams to bring it to market

MARK CROSIER: The Shape Of Things To Come (Time Bonus Section January 2007: Global Business / Tech Pioneers)

DeepStream Technologies CEO Mark Crosier and his core team created their own business in pliable, flexible sensors

JAAKO HAPPONEN: Flat Battery: It Works On Paper (Time Bonus Section January 2007: Global Business / Tech Pioneers)

Enfucell has a battery that will help people make a difference by cutting down on all the metal, lithium and alkaline that leaks from conventional cells