Can Bush Find An Exit? (Cover Story)

Calls for a staged withdrawal from Iraq are forcing the President to contemplate the biggest U-turn of his political life. Here's why he's likely to make it


Capitalism Comes to Afghanistan

The commercial landscape is rife with risk, but hardy entrepreneurs and multinational giants are betting that the Afghan economy will rise from the ashes


A Long Walk to Justice (Next Time You're in ... Johannesburg)

Johannesburg's new Constitutional Court brings light to South Africa's dark past

From Russia, We Love (Tech Watch)

The tiny, sturdy and unpredictable Lomo camera makes a long-awaited return

Small Sips (Grapevine)

Sampling some of the best small-producer Champagnes

Spender Bender (The Cost-of-Living-it-Up Index)

For the guest who has everything, the Mandarin hotel chain offers an over-the-top tour, featuring private jets, lavish suites and limousines


When Nixon Met Mao

A sparkling new book tells the inside story of one of the most momentous events of the cold war era


How Abe Lost His Groove (Notebook)

Japan's Prime Minister is losing traction on affairs close to voters, polls say

Add Soap, Spin (Notebook)

An Indonesian mining company blamed for a disastrous flood of mud in Java tries a novel way of cleaning up its image

Taking Kim's Toys Away (Notebook)

The U.S. announces a list of luxury items banned from export in an attempt to pressure the North Korean regime

Verbatim (Notebook)

Quotes of the Week

Letters (Notebook)

Asia's Outstanding Individuals