The War of 1912 (Roosevelt)

T.R. failed in his brash bid to regain the White House, but his Bull Moose Party pushed ideas that would animate the century

  • Theodore Roosevelt
    See archival film of TR's Inauguration, as well as his African safari, and hear sound bites of his famous speeches
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The Police Commish (Roosevelt)

With righteous fury and mixed results, Roosevelt tried to weed out corrupt cops and suppress vice in big, bad New York City in the 1890s

The Self-Made Man (Roosevelt)

He was a sickly child. But through sheer will, muscular effort--and a lot of time in the great outdoors--he became a powerful, passionate adult

The River of Doubt (Roosevelt)

Roosevelt nearly died while exploring an uncharted stretch of the Amazon. It was his final adventure

Charging Into Fame (Roosevelt)

One crowded hour on a hillside in Cuba made Roosevelt a national hero. A look behind the legend

Birth Of A Superpower (Roosevelt)

Roosevelt's expanded Navy vanquished Spain and helped the U.S. project its might around the world

How To Shrink The World (Roosevelt)

Roosevelt called building the Panama Canal "by far the most important action" he had taken in foreign affairs. Why did he succeed where others had failed? He made his own rules

Fighting the Fat Cats (Roosevelt)

To put the brakes on the growth of huge, monopolistic corporations, Teddy took on one of the nation's richest men: J. Pierpont Morgan

A Step Back For Blacks (Roosevelt)

Despite a promising start, the Progressive-era President failed to provide a square deal for all

Why we should study Theodore Roosevelt (Roosevelt)

Because he was a natural maverick and reformer who did what he thought was right — whether with regard to the environment, immigration, or America's role abroad


Can Lieberman Survive Iraq? (Notebook)

With bloggers, consituents and many party officials still angry about his support for the war, Connecticut's moderate Democratic senator is fighting for his political life

What the Democrats Could Say About Iraq (Notebook / In The Arena)

The only way to turn the tide is to make counterinsurgency operations, which require both patience and person-to-person skills, the military's highest priority


The Jihadi Next Door?

The arrest of some unusual suspects in Miami says less about homegrown terror than a new attempt to police it


Iran's Power in the Shadows

The country's supreme religious leader keeps a low profile—and may be the U.S.’s best hope for avoiding another war


How Safe is MySpace?

Social-networking sites are all the rage with kids. Now a lawsuit accuses the most popular one of not doing enough to protect them from predators


Revenge of The Whale Hunters (ENVIRONMENT)

Japan says the giant mammals have recovered in the 20 years since whaling was banned. Tell that to the whales







Forget Flag Burning

Debating a ban during war is a waste of time and sends troops the wrong message