India Inc.: Bombay's Boom (World / India Inc.)

Brash, messy and sexy, India's biggest city embodies the nation's ambition. How Bombay is shaping India's future--and our own

The Untold Story of al-Qaeda's Plot to Attack the Subway (Nation / Exclusive Book Excerpt)

In an exclusive excerpt of The One Percent Doctrine, author Ron Suskind reveals how officials learned about an al-Qaeda cell that came within weeks of striking the New York City subway system with poison gas

  • Bombay's Many Faces
    TIME's Alex Perry narrates a journey through the city's urban extremes, from high-priced condos to sprawling slums

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Fueled by high-octane growth, the world's largest democracy is becoming a global power. Why the world will never be the same

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Indian stocks have taken a tumble. But here's why the country's long-term prospects remain bright--for Indians and investors

The Drive to Compete (World)

India's once woeful manufacturing sector is starting to pick up steam




Gaza: Death on the Beach

The killing of a Palestinian girl's family sparks an international outcry. But is Israel really to blame?


Time Off, With Pay?

Massachusetts leads a push across the U.S. to give paid family leave to every worker


Surviving the New Killer Bug (Health)

A nasty, drug-resistant staph infection--the kind usually seen in hospitals--is racing across the U.S.


Trying to Make A Decent Living

While some janitors struggle to get by, others are climbing into the middle class. Behind the new battle over America's low-wage workers


The Marathon Generation (Money)

Surging interest in marathons at middle age and beyond testifies to our longer, healthier lives


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Documentaries have become part of the summer-movie landscape. Here are five of this summer's essays in political outrage and personal triumph