Dogged Pursuit (The Most Amazing Inventions 2005 / Invention of the Year)

First sheep, now a dog—what next? How a lab in South Korea perfected a cloning technique that is likely to transform medical research around the world

Tech Buyer's Guide 2005 (The Most Amazing Inventions 2005 / Tech Buyer's Guide)

With plush-monkey TVs, waterproof cameras and more, this year's guide has gizmos to make big and little kids drool

Carried Away (Tech Buyer's Guide / Tech Buyer's Guide)

Gadgets to get you moving without sacrificing security or connectivity

Hot Shots (Tech Buyer's Guide / Tech Buyer's Guide)

Digital cameras that shoot underwater, record video or connect wirelessly to the Web

Bye-Bye, Wires (Tech Buyer's Guide / Tech Buyer's Guide)

These wireless gadgets will help keep you connected to everything from the local weather to satellite radio

Tech Toys For Tykes (Tech Buyer's Guide / Tech Buyer's Guide)

Even grownups will love these cool toys--from wireless video games to musical aliens

Twist 'n' Shout (Tech Buyer's Guide / Tech Buyer's Guide)

Not just pretty packages, these phones rock out, play TV clips and more

Online Music Guide 2005 (The Most Amazing Inventions 2005 / Online Music Guide)

Whether you're searching for the next big hit or creating a personal web radio station, our top 20 music sites will get you in the groove

Sound Choices (The Most Amazing Inventions 2005 / Online Music Guide)

Buying music online has never been easier. We size up the options

Holiday Hits (The Most Amazing Inventions 2005 / Web Shopping Guide)

We combed the web to find fantastic gifts for everyone from fashionistas to fitness buffs. 'Tis the season...

For The Fitness Buff (Web Shopping Guide / Web Shopping Guide)

Whether you swim, bike, run or practice Pilates to stay in shape, these accessories really work out

For The Kids (Web Shopping Guide / Web Shopping Guide)

Want to be the hero this holiday? We found ice cream makers, dinosaurs and a car that cruises on kiddie power

For The Cook (Web Shopping Guide / Web Shopping Guide)

Vintage or modern? High tech or country? Here's something for every kind of kitchen


America's Five Best Governors

When it comes to raw political talent, there's not a Bill Clinton in this group. But these are the rainy days. And charisma doesn't keep you dry. A roof does. Meet the hardest-working carpenters

Haunted by The Iceman

Hundreds of pages of documents, obtained by TIME, shed new light on how a CIA prisoner died


The Down Syndrome Dilemma (Medicine)

Is a life with the syndrome worth living? A first-trimester test raises the question earlier than ever



A War Without Borders

Are the bombings in Jordan just the start of al-Zarqawi's spreading his terror beyond Iraq?

Horror on the High Seas

Modern-day pirates brazenly attack a cruise ship. What happens if they join forces with terrorists?

France: The Palace Provocateur

Nicolas Sarkozy's hard line against the rioters has earned him plenty of enemies--and may help make him France's next President


An American Imam

Moderate Muslim clerics in the U.S. tend to their faithful--and help the FBI fight terrorists


Agent of Agitation

Drew Rosenhaus, who reps NFL stars like Terrell Owens, loves to drive football's hardest bargain


"So, You Ever Kill Anybody?" (Movies)

On an epic research trip, filmmaker Stephen Gaghan asked an ex--CIA officer, gunrunners and Saudi sheiks all sorts of questions. He turned their answers into his thriller Syriana

Books: The American Tolkien (Books)

He's a master of dark epic fantasy, but with George R.R. Martin, we're not in Middle-earth anymore


Snowed Under (Notebook)

Maine's centrist Republican Senator stands up to the White House

Subverting Christmas (Notebook)

Some cheeky non-traditionalists are upending Christmas celebrations

Much Ado About Evolution (Notebook)

Residents of Dover, Pa. vote out a pro-intelligent design school board, only to incur Pat Robertson's public criticism