Tech Buyer's Guide 2005

With plush-monkey TVs, waterproof cameras and more, this year's guide has gizmos to make big and little kids drool

  • Harman Kardon TC 30 Remote Anyone can set up this universal remote control. Connect it via USB to a computer, answer a few questions, and it takes charge of your home theater, presenting you with plain-English options like "Watch DVD." $300

    Optoma MovieTime DVD Player/Projector Want a cinematic experience but dread wiring up all that equipment? MovieTime is an all-in-one home theater. It projects DVDs on the wall or a screen, with player and speakers inside a tidy 8-lb. box. There's an external subwoofer too. $1,500

    Sonos Wireless Music System It's an easy way to pipe music from a PC around the house without tearing up the walls. Each ZonePlayer hooks up to a stereo speaker. Wander with the user-friendly remote, and music jumps from player to player. $1,200 and up

    Hannspree 10-in. Fantasy LCD TV Who says a TV has to look like one? Plush monkeys are just the beginning for Hannspree; its LCD models take many forms, including fire engines and flowerpots. Find your favorite team in Hannspree's MLB, NBA and NFL collections. $450