An American Family Goes To War (Iraq / The Home Front)

Meet the Richardsons, the first husband and wife battalion commanders in the new married-with-children military

Inside Iraq

When will the war begin? The Iraqis can only wonder as they train, stock up on supplies and ponder what the future holds



The Missing Nine Months

Elizabeth Smart is finally found, but what happened while she was under the spell of a deranged drifter?



Memories from Right Now (Preview / 80 Days That Changed The World)

Which events of our millennial era will live on in history?

France's Game (Essay)

French opposition to the U.S. is not about Iraq but about who runs the world


Putting On Heirs (Time Global Business / The Families That Own Europe)

A new generation is leading Europe's biggest family firms toward new profits--and risks

Investing: Come On Out! (Time Global Business / Investing)

The fair-weather money has fled private equities--now it's time to buy

Book-Shelf: Sandy's Story (Time Global Business / Book-Shelf)

You don't have to pity the Citigroup CEO to relish this tale of breaking down walls on the Street


How Horror Sounds (Movies)

Watching the director make Dreamcatcher scary is a grim business. Our correspondent faces up to it

Director's Cut (Movies)

He lost with Raging Bull and GoodFellas. Now MARTIN SCORSESE tries, one more time, for that elusive Best Director Oscar

Prime-Time Therapy (Television)

With a rare Latino comedy hit, George Lopez is giving his traumatic childhood a laugh track

Laughter and Forgetting (Books)

Alzheimer's may well be the scourge of the new century. Three memoirs face it with wit and courage


No Fear of Falling

With rates at new lows, refinance your mortgage (again!) and restash your cash

Mix and Mash-Up

Cutting and pasting together pop hits has never been easier--or more fun