Why Asia Fears Bush's War (Cover Story)

The U.S. campaign in Iraq has widespread repercussions— and Asians are dreading the possible outcome

Why Asia Needs America (Cover Story)

Only the U.S. can carry the burden of providing peace, stability and prosperity in Asia


Voices of Islam (Asia)

Five leading Muslim thinkers speak out about war in Iraq— from its murky morality to the threat that it will radicalize Asia's Muslims


Running on Empty

Kim Jong Il's brinkmanship is stoking a humanitarian crisis in North Korea. Will sanctions spread famine?

War Games (Viewpoint)

Kim Jong Il is scheming to exploit Gulf War II for his own devious purposes

Slow Road to Justice

After decades of brutal persecution, the people of East timor must wait a little longer for redress


Intoxicating Antiques

With restrictions on the wane, opium paraphenalia is now a big seller on the antiques market

Off the Shelf

Hong Kong's International Literary Festival brings Asian writers together


Inul's Rules (Show Business)

A new idol is putting some sex and sizzle into Indonesia's pop-music scene

A Family Lost and Found (Movies)

Jackie Chan's family tree is uprooted in the absorbing documentary Traces of the Dragon

Chameleon Country

Japan always had a genius for reinventing itself, argues Ian Buruma. Lately, that gift has gone missing


Outbreak in Asia (Notebook)

The sudden outbreak of a deadly and mysterious pneumonia has Asia on edge

Cash Flowing (Notebook)

Six months after the Bali bombings, investigators have yet to target Asia's sources of terror funds

An Artful Passing (Notebook)

A bartender's death in a Thai beach resort leaves the legacy of one of Britain's greatest artists up for grabs

Verbatim (Notebook)

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