Opening with A Bang (Iraq / War Plans)

The Pentagon believes--and prays--an awesome first act would enable U.S. forces to quickly take down Iraq

Diplomacy: His Lonely March (Iraq / Diplomacy)

Bush would love as much support as possible against Iraq, but in the end he requires only his own resolve

Any Day Now... (Iraq / The Troops)

U.S. troops massing at Saddam's door train, play touch football, get baptized and feel tedium--and fear. A view from the front

Strike Force (Iraq / War Plans)

A TIME GUIDE The U.S. and Britain are deploying a big-bang invasion of 250,000 troops to attack from land and sea

How The War Might Be Waged (Iraq / War Plans)

Plans call for a front-loaded invasion so devastating, it would shock Iraq's army into surrendering and leave Saddam Hussein defenseless




The NBA'S Global Game Plan

As the world's best hoopsters flock to the U.S., the sport grows more popular--and profitable--abroad



Diva Las Vegas (Show Business)

CELINE DION got a new theater and millions of dollars to perform in Vegas. Now, if someone could just figure out what her show is about

Operation Desert Sequel (Television)

Sci Fi Channel follows up its hit mini-series Dune, hoping to show that space sagas aren't just for geeks

Total Eclipse of the Heart (Books)

In Scott Spencer's irresistible novel, love brings the world crashing down, and not just on the lovers

The Dreamy Pull of Stars (Books)

An engaging fantasy about our celebrity fixation has sport with--and sympathy for--the famous


Three for the Road

Test-drive the new PDAs: they call, they browse, they e-mail and make music

Preventing Polyps

Looking for a drug to ward off cancer, doctors find one in the medicine chest


Creativity: Into the Spotlight (Time Bonus Section / Generations)

Theater gives seniors an outlet for self-expression, therapy, socializing and sheer fun

Health: Fitness Guru (Time Bonus Section / Generations)

Presidential spokesman Lynn Swann sets the tone

Achievers: Pioneering In Space (Time Bonus Section / Generations)

Decades after his discovery of Earth's radiation belts, James Van Allen is still hard at work

Turning Point: How I Got It (Time Bonus Section / Generations)

The newsman recalls having to drop out of college in order to find a career