Person of The Year: George W. Bush (Person Of The Year 2000)

The wildest election in our history revealed a nation split so evenly that it took a controversial intervention by the Supreme Court to settle the issue. But now there is one immutable fact, one that

Home On The Range (Person Of The Year 2000)

The Bush ranch is the way he likes to see himself--rugged and thoroughly Texan

Can Bush Bring Us Together? (Person Of The Year 2000)

It was a strange, troubling ride to victory, and it could get bumpier. How will the new President heal the wounds--and tame the Congress?

Down By Law (Person Of The Year 2000)

Handed a puzzling ruling, the networks showed us what they learned on election night: nothing

Can the Court Recover? (Person Of The Year 2000)

Its controversial decision ended the election tangle but brought the high court as low as it has been in years

Learning Curve (Person Of The Year 2000)

The campaign changed George Bush. Did it change him in ways he needs for Washington?

Bush Speaks (Person Of The Year 2000)

Frank talk about his priorities, race, wrong ideas about him, and Al Gore

How Bush Hires (Person Of The Year 2000)

Drawing heavily on his Dad's Rolodex, Bush recruits dogged loyalists

At Last His Own Man (Person Of The Year 2000)

We learned more about Al Gore after the election than we ever knew before

The Great Spin Machine (Person Of The Year 2000)

You have just witnessed a lab experiment in how bad it can be

Get Me Boies! (Person Of The Year 2000 / Runners-Up)

He helped contest this election, beat Microsoft and win a reprieve for Napster, thus becoming a symbol of the Lawyering of America

Gene Mapper (Person Of The Year 2000 / Runners-Up)

The bad boy of science has jump-started a biological revolution

DNA Alley (Person Of The Year 2000 / Runners-Up)

The Magic Of Harry Potter (Person Of The Year 2000 / Runners-Up)

J.K. Rowling's wizardry turned on a new generation to that old technology, the wondrous printed word

Class of 2000 (Person Of The Year 2000 / People Who Mattered)

A Florida custody case--over a boy, not ballots--roiled the nation. A college dropout's neat idea changed an industry. And a First Lady achieved a spectacular first. Meet the men, women and children w

The 2000 TIME Current Events Quiz (Year In Review)

What happened in 2000? Test your knowledge of the news and trends as reported in the pages of TIME FACES IN THE NEWS/THE YEAR IN ARTS/WHO SAID IT?/AROUND THE WORLD/NAMES & NUMBERS/SIGNS OF THE TIMES

Yes, We'll Survive (Person Of The Year 2000)

One of Bush's sassiest Texas critics gives two cheers for her old nemesis


Big Bucks and Baseball

The idea of overpaying for an athlete's services didn't start with A-Rod, and it won't end with him


Striking Out (Update)

TheMan.com sounded like a good idea. No more


Praying For Santa

Retailers will need a last-minute holiday rush to boost their sluggish Christmas sales


Setback For Vouchers

A federal appeals court rules that Cleveland gives parents too few alternatives to parochial schools


The Twelve Films Of Christmas (The Arts / Holiday Cinema 2000)

This year Hollywood has some feel good films to leaven the serious ones that traditionally emerge, with eyes on Oscar, at year's end. There are even a few that make our critical Scrooges almost feel


TV Under the Tree? (Personal Time / Your Family)

Our 11-year-old wants a television for Christmas. Unless Santa stages a coup, she won't be getting one--and neither will her younger siblings. We can think of a million reasons why. Here are 10

Recession Proof (Personal Time / Your Money)

The economy's braking fast, so here's how you can make the most of any leaner times ahead

Holiday Bake-Off (Personal Time / Your Technology)

You'll find plenty of cooking sites on the Web, but they don't all pass the cinnamon taste test

Stressed-Out Kids (Personal Time / Your Health)

Children and teens seem more anxious today than they were 50 years ago. What you can do