Fields Of Fire (TIME Investigation)

Israeli forces are using lethal tactics to douse a fiery Palestinian revolt. How justified are they?


How Green Was Bill? (Environment)

Clinton tried to be the new Teddy Roosevelt, but his efforts to help preserve nature may have been too little, too late

Great Lakes On Mars (Space)

Evidence mounts that the Red Planet may once have been wet--and alive


Why We Break Up With Our Siblings (Families)

As baby boomers age, more are becoming estranged from their brothers and sisters. And they feel the loss especially during the year-end holidays


Death and the Horseman

Chris Antley was one of the most fabled jockeys in the sport. How did his life spiral out of control?


A Woman's Place (Notebook)

Hillary Learns to Speak Softly, Cash in Big Chits




How I Got That Story (The Arts)

The novelist ponders the lessons he's learned from cyberpublishing


Keep the Receipt (Personal Time / Your Family)

A few simple steps to avoid giving really bad gifts--and what to do when you get one

Not Too Taxing (Personal Time / Your Money)

Whoever wins, look for an estate-tax cut, an end to the marriage penalty and, pray, no silly AMT

Laptop Security (Personal Time / Your Technology)

When you're on the road or in an airport, bad things can happen to good computers

Cheney's Heart (Personal Time / Your Health)

If the would-be Vice President is to avoid another attack, he needs to make some changes--fast


The Best & Worst of 2000 (The Best And Worst Of 2000 / The Arts)

Reality struck TV. Music went digital. In books, films and theater, old legends thrived in new forms. Herewith our picks of what we most enjoyed

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Books (The Best And Worst Of 2000 / Books)

Are We Over A Barrel? (Time Select / Global Business)

Soaring energy prices could be the spoiler in the future--but the odds are long

Bets on the Market (Time Select / Global Business)

Spread betting, a new investment strategy, features bookies who actually want their clients to win

At Home in the Wild East (Time Select / Americans Abroad)

The grandson of a leading U.S. communist makes a capitalist foray into the land of Lenin