Las Vegas: 10 Things to Do

Bonus: Liberace Museum, Gun Store and More!

Liberace Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada travel Michael S. Yamashita / Corbis
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If you've still got time to kill, there are lots of other things you can do in Vegas. You can hit the Liberace Museum; the small, overpriced, but legit Gallery of Fine Art at the Bellagio; and the weird zoo exhibits of tigers and dolphins at the Mirage. You can get Thai food at Lotus of Siam at the strip mall on East Sahara Avenue or, better, the Mexican restaurant in the same mall that serves one dish: a sublime goat taco. You can go to the Gun Store, just off the Strip on Tropicana Avenue, where you can — without anything more than a driver's license — spend the day shooting Tommy Guns, AK-47s, SAWs, Uzis, M-16s and MP-40s for less than $100. If that doesn't complete your fully American experience in the most American city in America, you can always go to a chapel to marry a stranger.

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