Primary: State-by-State Results

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Democrats — In his first Rocky Mountain victory of the night, Barack Obama carried the state as closing polls headed farther west.

Republicans — Mitt Romney, whose Mormon faith played a big role in his primary victory in Utah, won 36 delegates in a winner-take-all sweep.

Romney is a favorite adopted son in Utah. He was chief of the Salt Lake Olympics in 2002 and owns a vacation home at Park City's Deer Valley resort.


Democrats — There was no Democratic vote here on Tuesday.

Republicans — Mike Huckabee won 18 delegates in Tuesday's first contest as backers of John McCain threw him their support to prevent a win by Mitt Romney.

Huckabee beat Romney on a second ballot with 51.5% of the 1,133 delegates attending the state G.O.P.'s presidential nominating convention. Romney was backed by 47.4%.

McCain had 15%. Texas Congressman Ron Paul had 10%, but was eliminated for the second vote since he came in last place.

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