Primary: State-by-State Results

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Democrats — Hillary Clinton took away a victory in the state neighboring where she serves as U.S. Senator.

Republicans — John McCain took all 52 delegates in the winner-take-all contest in the state primary.

He grabbed support from party moderates and seized on his support from the onetime favorite, New Yorker Rudy Giuliani.


Democrats — The Democratic caucus winner has not been determined yet. But Hillary Clinton held a lead of 67,921 votes compared to 66,829 for Barack Obama, according to preliminary results posted on the state Democratic Party's Web site


Democrats — Hillary Clinton won handily in the state where she has served as U.S. Senator for the past six years. She keeps her hold on one of the most important prizes of Super Tuesday. Although she won New York, Obama seemed poised to get a big chunk of New York's 232 Democratic delegates. Clinton was tested by Obama in heavily black neighborhoods in New York City, liberal upstate areas and on college campuses.

Republicans — John McCain delivered a victory there, where he enjoys the support of his ex-G.O.P. rival and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani.


Democrats — Barack Obama logs a win in one of several key plains states.

Republicans — Meanwhile Mitt Romney took a victory among Republicans, convincing them he was the most consesrvative candidate.


Democrats — Hillary Clinton cruised past Barack Obama in the Democratic race. She had been heavily favored in Oklahoma over Obama, who did not campaign in the state in the weeks leading up to the election. She received 55% of the vote to 30 percent for Obama with 86% of precincts reporting.

Republicans — John McCain edged Mike Huckabee in Oklahoma's Republican presidential primary, taking about 38% of the vote. Former governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee had 33% and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney had 24%.


Democrats — Hillary Clinton took Tennessee, continuing her battle for several key southern states. Women voters helped her win the Democratic primary there. A majority of voters in the state's Democratic primary were white and women, and Clinton ran strongly in both demographics.

The win followed Tennessee wins by her husband, former President Bill Clinton, who twice carried the Volunteer State with favorite son Al Gore as his running mate.

Republicans — With a virtual sweep of the Bible Belt, Mike Huckabee rode the support of evangelicals to victory in Tennessee on Tuesday. Huckabee had 33.9% of the vote, about 2 percentage points more than Arizona Sen. John McCain. Exit polls conducted for The Associated Press and the television networks show Huckabee ran strong among born-again Christians and conservatives, while McCain did best among moderates and those ranking "the right experience" and ability to win in the general election as most important.

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