Primary: State-by-State Results

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Democrats — Barack Obama took a strong hold in states farther to the west with a win in Colorado. With 98% of Democratic precincts reporting, Obama had 66% of the vote to 33% for Hillary Clinton.

Obama drew his support from an energetic get-out-the-vote effort that relied heavily on college-age voters and other young people.

Republicans — Mitt Romney was able to grab a win in Colorado, keeping him in the race, although many key states went to his rivals.

For the Republicans, with 73% of precincts reporting, Romney had 59 percent, John McCain 19%, Mike Huckabee 13% and Ron Paul 8%.

The caucuses were nonbinding, and Colorado voters won't select presidential delegates until the major parties have their state conventions in May.


Democrats — Preventing Hillary Clinton from sweeping the New York metropolitan area, Barack Obama took the state away. It is one of two northeast states he held on to on Tuesday.

Republicans — John McCain managed to take the important primary in that state, walking away with its 27 delegates.


Democrats — Barack Obama lodged a victory in Delaware, challenging Hillary Clinton's advantage on the East Coast.

Republicans — John McCain won handily here, still looking for command in states where his rivals have little support.


Democrats — Barack Obama won the Georgia primary, the leading edge of a coast-to-coast struggle with Hillary Rodham Clinton for Democratic delegates.

It was Obama's second straight southern triumph and, like an earlier victory in South Carolina, was built on a wave of support from black voters, of which he carried 8 in 10. Clinton had a slight lead with white voters, but was running about even with Obama among white men.

The 87 delegates at stake in Georgia's primary were divided between the two candidates in rough proportion to the votes.

Republicans — Mike Huckabee, continuing the momentum of winning evangelical voters in the South, wrested Georgia away from John McCain and Mitt Romney.


Democrats — Idaho voters turned out in record numbers Tuesday night to deliver a victory for Barack Obama in the Democratic caucuses.

Obama, a first-term U.S. Senator from Illinois, trounced Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York, winning in 34 of the 35 counties that reported results by the time the race was called. In all, Obama won nearly 80% of the contest's roughly 21,000 votes.

Idaho, with 18 delegates at stake in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, was a state that Obama's campaign targeted last fall, then sought to lock down with his standing-room-only campaign rally last weekend in Boise.

Under party rules, delegates will be awarded proportionally based on total vote in each of the state's two congressional districts.

Last Saturday's Obama rally boosted interest in the caucuses, attracting more than 14,000 people to Boise State University's basketball arena.

Republicans — There was no G.O.P. vote in Idaho on Tuesday.

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