The American Pope (Religion)

On the eve of Benedict XVI's first papal visit to the U.S., a revealing look at his long fascination with America and how it is shaping his vision for the world


Back in Baghdad (Baghdad Diary)

TIME's former bureau chief finds Iraq's capital has changed in many ways, mostly for the better. But the gains that have been made are fragile

Italian Elections: All Is Not Lost

As elections loom, Italy seems mired in a political and economic malaise. Yet amid the gloom, there are signs of hope and progress even in the perennially troubled south. How one town is finding its own way forward


The High Cost of Control (China)

Beijing's heavy hand in Tibet is jeopardizing China's hope for a politics-free Olympics


Bearing Fruit (Trade)

A historic free-trade agreement with Beijing will affect New Zealand more than its new big brother


Queen of the Dalits (Profile)

Despite her low caste, Mayawati Kumari, leader of India's Uttar Pradesh state, is emerging as a national power broker — and even a potential Prime Minister


Marty's Second Job (Movies)

As Scorsese takes on the Stones, an assessment of his career in documentaries