The American Pope (The Well / Cover Story)

On the eve of Benedict XVI's first papal visit to the U.S., a revealing look at his long fascination with America and how it is shaping his vision for the world


The Patriotism Problem (In The Arena)

Obama's candidacy is a tribute to what's right about America. He needs to start saying so

Can Ed Rendell Deliver for Clinton? (The Well / Profile)

The Pennsylvania governor's talent for fund raising and organization is legendary. Hillary hopes he can work his magic for her in the key primary state


Building Bridges, Not Fences (Commentary)

The GOP wants to crack down on illegal immigration. But it will take smarter policies, not just tougher ones, to win Hispanic votes in November

Affirmative Action for Boys

To close the gender gap on campus, college and university admissions officers often favor boys. Is that a good idea?


Looking for the New Baghdad (World)

TIME's former bureau chief finds Iraq's capital has changed in many ways, mostly for the better. But the gains are fragile

Postcard: Playas

In the southwestern corner of New Mexico, a tiny town plays the role of terrorist haven. How the war on terrorism saved one desert outpost


Our Eyes and Ears

One veteran correspondent returns to Baghdad to evaluate the war, and we honor another as she prepares to take her final bow


The Art of the Womb (Life: Food - Living - Travel / Living)

More women want keepsakes of their pregnancy

Gourmet Groceries — for More! (Life: Food - Living - Travel / Food)

Beer for $120 a bottle, Water for $40. Some old staples now cost a fortune. Are they worth it?

At Your Service (Life: Food - Living - Travel / Travel)

Guests at luxury hotels expect to be pampered in every way. So hoteliers are creating special positions to cater to those rising demands



Holding Back the Flood (The Well / The Curious Capitalist)

More financial regulation will mean less financial innovation. Maybe that's not such a bad idea


Scorsese's Moonlighting Gig (Arts: Music - Books - Downtime / Movies)

As the acclaimed director takes on the Rolling Stones, Richard Corliss appraises his career in documentaries

Hannah Montana Live! (Sort of) (Arts: Music - Books - Downtime / Concert Movies)

Audiences are giving standing ovations and waving cell phones. So what if the musicians aren't there?

5 Things You Should Know About (Arts: Music - Books - Downtime / Downtime)

Clooney's unclassic, Redford's a wreck, but on the upside, Galactica's back



10 Questions for Helen Mirren

After playing royals ancient and modern, a hard-nosed cop and all manner of fantasy females, the Oscar winner has written a memoir, In the Frame. Helen Mirren will now take your questions

Andrea Riccardi (Innovators / Peacemakers)

He and his friends got together to aid the poor and pray--and now they help broker peace

Carne Ross (Innovators / Peacemakers)

Political movements and new states lack one thing: diplomats. Ross's team provides them

Christopher Hill (Innovators / Peacemakers)

By breaking the rules--a little--he's helping to lure a hermit country back into the open

Daniel Barenboim (Special Report / Innovators)

A citizen of two feuding lands, he uses music to foster peace in the Middle East


International Departures (Global Business: Outsourcing - Aviation - Front And Center / Aviation)

Disillusioned U.S. airline pilots are heading overseas, leaving domestic carriers scrambling

New Broom at Siemens (Global Business: Outsourcing - Aviation - Front And Center / Front and Center)

Peter Löscher left the strategy of the scandal-ridden firm untouched. His challenge was the culture

The TIME 100

To help select the world's most influential people, previous honorees offer their nominations when asked, Who should be on this year's list?

Call My Lawyer ... in India (Global Business: Outsourcing - Aviation - Front And Center / Outsourcing)

Call-center jobs were first; now U.S. companies are looking offshore for their legal work too