A New Kind of Elite

The most famous name in schools is cleverly reinventing itself. But is what's good for Eton good for Britain?


Party People (World Cup 2006)

Germany has finally stopped worrying and learned to love its flag, its team and its role as host

Technophobia (The World Cup 2006)

FIFA's intransigence has stopped this World Cup being a great showcase for hi-tech innovation


Not so Complementary

Mainstream medics say they're worthless, governments are confused, but demand for alternative therapies keeps growing. The anatomy of a hot-tempered debate


Bands and Brands

With falling profits from CD sales, record labels are enviously eyeing the buoyant live-music sector, where sponsors are lining up to back sold-out rock and pop gigs and a multitude of summer festivals


Nouvel Vogue (Architecture)

One of France's most prolific architects unveils new buildings this week on both sides of the Atlantic



10 Questions for Wole Soyinka (Interview | Africa)

The prolific author and playwright talks about his new memoir and the political situation in Nigeria


Good Clean Fun (Curtain Raiser)

Make a mess of yourself at Boryeong's mud festival

Brain Fodder (Diversions)

Yataro Matsuura's Tokyo bookshop, Cow Books, is a repository for countercultural works

Sound Advice (Tech Watch)

Four free online stations for musical entertainment on the road

Happy Camper (Check In)

Every bedroom comes with a separate sitting room at Barcelona's Casa Camper

DIY Dining (Amuse Bouche)

Make yourself a picnic with delicacies from one of four fantastic food halls


Hard Days

In the '50s and '60s, rock 'n' roll gave youth a sense of freedom — a prize for which many around the world were dying. Our latest Great Moments in TIME series captures a decade of struggle