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China's economic rise means the world has a new second language—and it isn't English

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Pakistan's Other War

Islamabad is already battling al-Qaeda. Now it's facing an insurgency in Baluchistan

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Hong Kong has a rare opportunity to fix its unwelcoming waterfront. Think it will take it?

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Taiwan's political mess is no more than a reflection of its young democracy


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A countercultural bookstore for Tokyo's beatnik bibliophiles

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Like its famed footwear, Spanish fashion label Camper's Barcelona hotel shows that style doesn't have to be expensive

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Ma Jian envisioned Tibet as Nirvana. The book he wrote after his journey offers a darker vision


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With huge proportions of the world's people and natural resources, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization wants to raise its international profile. But Iran's presence may complicate matters

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A new bestseller expresses Japan's popular dissatisfaction with globalization

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Lifting the Veil on Autism