Between Two Worlds (Cover Story)

Born in the U.S.A. to Asian Parents, a Generation of Immigrants' Kids Forges a New Identity


Long Walk to Freedom

The inside story of how North Korean refugees, aided by Christian activists, are escaping from the poverty and tyranny of their homeland

Battle of Wills

Facing growing street protests, the King announces a political compromise. Is it enough?


Pleasure Factory (TIME Global Adviser)

A onetime industrial slum has morphed into Zurich's hippest hangout

Clean Living (TIME Global Adviser)

Show Me the Green Stuff


Waking Up the North

The economy of once sclerotic Hanoi is finally catching up with the country's booming south


Renewed Faith

After decades of persecuting believers, the Middle Kingdom gets religion


China's Grim Harvest (Notebook)

As Beijing strengthens laws against trafficking in human organs, British doctors say abuses continue

Checkbook Apologies (Notebook)

Saying sorry with cash has become a common strategy for corporate Korea

Letters (Notebook)

Earth at the Tipping Point