If This is Called Peace...

A female suicide bomber kills 10, and the government responds with air raids. Is the country lurching back toward civil war?

Rocky Relations

To South Koreans, they're the Dokdo islands; Japanese call them Takeshima. Why are the two nations feuding over these tiny, barren rocks in the ocean?

Saving Seoul

Pollution is ruining the quality of life in much of urban Asia. But Seoul's transformation into a greener city proves the tide can still be turned

Let There Be Light

While Seoul cleans up, air pollution in Hong Kong only worsens. Will the government act?


Road Trip (TIME Global Adviser)

Cliff Hangin'

Garden of Delights (TIME Global Adviser)

A French colonial hotel is a special Madagascan treat

Tech Watch (TIME Global Adviser)

Tech it with You


Nepal Picks Up the Pieces (Notebook)

The kingdom's Parliament meets for the first time in four years. It has a lot of work to do

Verbatim (Notebook)

Quotes of the Week

Letters (Notebook)

Rebuilding Bangladesh