Up to a Better Tomorrow

Its citizens habitually try to block reform, but behind the protests France is changing, slowly but surely

A Massive Project

Few areas of French policy were so in need of reform as social housing — and reform has come


The Faith that has No Place

After years of worshipping in squalid makeshift mosques, Muslims in Athens await an official house of prayer

10 Questions for Romano Prodi (Interview)

The Incoming Prime Minister talks to TIME about his plans for Italy — and his rapport with President Bush


Slinging Lessons

With the Slingbox, it's about to get a lot easier to catch what's on your home TV, wherever you are in the world.


Leader of the Pack (Art)

A scary musical for kids is just the latest fantasy frontier for British master storyteller Neil Gaiman


China's Grim Harvest (Notebook)

New rules should clean up China's use of organs procured from executed prisoners, ending an unhealthy trade


The Waters Of Life

Egypt has long thought of the Nile as its own, drawing far more from it than the river's southern countries. How ambitious new plans are beginning to redress the balance


Pleasure Factory (Next time you're in ... Zurich)

A onetime industrial slum has morphed into Zurich's hippest hangout

Under the skin (Curtain Raiser)

A Shomei Tomatsu retrospective surveys his images of Japan from the past fifty years

Heads and Tails (Amuse Bouche)

Sample Cajun delicacies at the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival