Double Jeopardy

Pakistan's earthquake survivors face an ominous winter as undersupplied relief workers race to keep them fed and sheltered


The Ghosts of War

A provocative novel blames the influence of foreign "guests" for the horrors of Korean history


Mayan Civilization (TIME Global Adviser)

A $10 million renovation at Kuala Lumpur's Hotel Maya creates an oasis of cool

Dog Days (TIME Global Adviser)

Jan. 1 is so over. Ring in the Chinese New Year on the 29th at Hong Kong's annual parade

Bombay Dux (TIME Global Adviser)

We look at the leaders of Bombay's burgeoning international-dining scene

The Next Phuket? (TIME Global Adviser)

Three Thai beach destinations are polishing up their acts

Style Watch (TIME Global Adviser)

Merchandise of a Geisha



A New Source of Terror (Notebook)

A shooting at a Bangalore university raises new fears of terror strikes at the heart of India's booming tech economy

Choosing to Remember (Notebook)

Thailand announces five finalists for its planned tsunami memorial

Letters (Notebook)

China's Challenge to Italy