When The Field Is Level

In California, minority students are cascading out of top schools and into the second tier. Is this good for them?

The Cost of Poor Advice

Bush says he's compassionate. So why did he pass up a chance to help the poor get decent legal help?


Democracy School

Kosovo needs a government. The U.S. is betting on the K.L.A.'s leader. Now he needs to learn how to govern


Last Stand (Environment)

Battling both polluters and conservationists, the Miccosukees aim to save their Everglades home


Unionizing The E.R. (Medicine)

To combat managed care, doctors want to organize. But it's no magic elixir


The Kids Are Alright (Family)

While parents worry, a new poll by Nickelodeon and TIME shows that youngsters find the world a less scary place--and are in no rush to grow up


I Saluted a Witch

An Army base in Texas becomes the hotbed for earth-goddess worshippers called Wiccans


Animal Kingdom (Notebook)

Why Washington Needs To Pander to the Chinese

Tobacco Bill (Notebook)

Is There No Joy Left For the Russians?


Fella Down a Hole (Dispatch)

You don't know the frontier spirit until you've met Australia's hardy opal miners


Has Asia Recovered?

It's certainly on the mend. But a brand new set of problems poses more economic peril ahead

Retraining Your Brain

How one company is using a new neurological theory to ease language and reading problems

No Time For Fun

Students used to kick back when summer came. Now they're too busy beefing up their resumes


Books: Where's Papa? (The Arts / Books)

He's hard to find in his fifth posthumous work, True at First Light, a so-called fictional memoir

Press: Comic N the Hood (The Arts / Press)

The Boondocks has scored with its brash racial humor, but not everyone's laughing

Cinema: All Eyes On Them (The Arts / Cinema)

The theme is sexual obsession. The stars are Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. The director is Stanley Kubrick. Who could look anywhere else?

Cinema: Three Of a Kind (The Arts / Cinema)

Everyone was taking a risk when the celebrated director and the famous movie stars decided to work together. Tom and Nicole tell why it paid off


Stalking a Tiger (Personal Time / Your Money)

Asian and other emerging-markets funds are flying again. But risks abound. Think long term

My Summer Scare (Personal Time / Your Health)

One doctor, reading my breast X ray, ordered a surgical biopsy. I panicked--and I'm glad I did

Photo Finishes (Personal Time / Your Technology)

Which is better for making digital snaps on the cheap--scanners or Kodak's new Picture CD?


What A Difference A Day Makes (Time Select / Travel)

If you've got the flexibility to travel off-season, which starts a minute after the prime season ends, there are some nifty bargains to be had