The Last Campaign

Forget about compartments. Everything Clinton did during his amazing week served one purpose: to save his skin

Can Bradley Catch Up?

He lags far behind the fast-starting Gore but hopes that his underdog strategy will even the race


China's Arms Race

The world's most populous country wants the world's best military. Here's a look at its plan

Triggerman's Blues

Raul Salinas is given 50 years for a murder plot that stunned Mexico. Now the killer talks to TIME


The Suicide Seeds (Environment)

Terminator genes could mean big biotech bucks--but big trouble too, as a grass-roots protest breaks out on the Net


The People Vs. HMOs (Health)

You can sue your neighbor. You can sue your boss. You can even sue the President. But most Americans can't sue their health insurer. Reform is afoot to change that


When Fido Gets Phobic (Behavior)

With everything from drugs to day care, neurotic pooches can now get in touch with their inner dog


From IPOs To UFOs

Joe Firmage was a Silicon Valley whiz kid with a golden touch on the Web. Then he met an alien

The View From Microsoft

Bill Gates sees the world very differently from his antitrust pursuers. Could it be that he is right?


Sexgate (Notebook / The Scoop)

Starr's Top Deputy: Have Gun, Will Travel

The Art World (Notebook / The Scoop)

Changing the Paintings As Fast as the Sheets


Roll Away, Roll Away (American Scene)

Jim Wilkinson's ministerial territory is spread over 1,808 watery miles


Offices By The Hour

Kinko's carved out a market selling services to folks working at home. Copycats are moving in



Music: Big Poppa's Bubble Gum Machine (The Arts / Music)

Boys who can sing and dance and look supercute! It's an old formula, and it still drives girls crazy--just ask Svengali Louis (Big Poppa) Pearlman

Cinema: An Indie Go Girl (The Arts / Cinema)

Two very different films could turn Sarah Polley into the new queen of Sundance


The Little Dictator (Personal Time / Your Technology)

A digital device can translate your voice into type. But first you have to learn how to talk to it

Still High on Fiber (Personal Time / Your Health)

Eating fruits and vegetables may not protect against colon cancer, but it's good for your heart

Spread Your Bets (Personal Time / Your Money)

If you buy what you know, you may hold too much stock in the industry that employs you