Double Agent (Cover Stories)

The FBI says a spy deep within the CIA sold secrets that led to the death of U.S. informers in Russia


Company in Question (Intelligence)

Even before the Ames case broke, the agency was in the middle of an almost complete restructuring

The Organization Man (The White House)

Harold Ickes is helping the President get his act together and drive a harder bargain on health care


Back in the Shadows (Diplomacy)

As the U.S. expels a Russian spook, relations between cold-war rivals threaten to devolve into a cold peace

Next, Friendly Persuasion (Bosnia)

Buoyed by success in Sarajevo, U.S. envoys press for a settlement between Bosnia's Croats and Muslims

When Fury Rules (Middle East)

The Hebron massacre prompts some to call for more blood -- and others to hope for quicker progress toward peace


End of the Winter's Tale (Figure Skating)

The showdown between Kerrigan and Harding is over, and the winner is, no surprise, Oksana Baiul




The collapse of the Bell Atlantic-TCI deal may slow but not stop construction of the information highway

Inflation Terminator (Money)

Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan vows to beat back the threat of price rises, even before they happen


Another Judgment Day

In San Antonio, a jury acquits 11 Branch Davidians of murder but finds five guilty of manslaughter


BOOKS: Between Two Worlds (The Arts & Media / BOOKS)

Two black journalists provide compelling accounts of their struggles to succeed in the white mainstream

BOOKS: High-Fiber Moralist (The Arts & Media / BOOKS)

America's unhealthy eating habits inspire novelist Paul Theroux's latest burst of satiric sleight of hand

THEATER: One and Only (The Arts & Media / THEATER)

Solo performers are all the rage, sometimes literally, onstage

CINEMA: Sweet Dreams From Vietnam (The Arts & Media / CINEMA)

The Scent of Green Papaya, nominated for the foreign-language Oscar, unearths a poignant, shimmering old Saigon

MUSIC: The Power of Celine Dion (The Arts & Media / MUSIC)

Canada's star chanteuse sang hits from Beauty and the Beast and Sleepless in Seattle; now she's reached No. 1 on her own