Bush on the Record (Cover Stories)

Tense and frosty, the President explains his predicament, blames Congress for his inaction at home and hits the press for sending the campaign to the gutter

No Glitz, No Glamour (Cover Stories)

Armed with little but airtime, C-SPAN hopes to show Dan Rather a thing or two about election coverage

Rot on the Right (Cover Stories)

G.O.P. Conservatives Win a Rhetorical Victory, But Deprived Of Reagan's leadership and the Soviet enemy, their fractious movement is in disarray. Some look beyond Bush for a new champion.

The Best Days of Their Wives (Cover Stories)

Though still the adoring spouse, Barbara Bush speaks her mind on abortion, thus joining Marilyn Quayle in sharing the spotlight -- and the microphone --with their husbands

George Bush: The Fight of His Life (Cover Stories)

As he embarks on his last campaign, George Bush calls in an old friend to help him come from behind. Jim Baker now must do what so far Bush has not: explain exactly what the President stands for and w


A Flicker of Hope (The Week: Nation)

California's Governor breaks the silence on the budget deadlock

The Bar Leans Left (The Week: Nation)

After the A.B.A. takes some liberal stances, it hears again from Quayle


No Peace in Kabul (The Week World)

Rockets rain down on the capital, leaving thousands of casualties

Slow Call to Arms (The Week World)

The Security Council implies force can be used, maybe, as a last resort

Will Food Finally Move? (The Week World)

Amid doubts, the U.N. will send troops to open starving Somalia's main port


Rumor & Reality (The Balkans)

Whether all the tales of savagery are true or not, people act as if the worst is yet to come.


News From the Underground

Recent quakes in California may have stirred the San Andreas Fault, setting it up for the long-dreaded Big One


Funding Faster Relief (The Week Health & Science)

A new proposal would beef up the FDA by allowing it to charge user fees


Caiaphas' Cave (The Week: Society)

Have archaeologists found the burial site for the priest who judged Jesus?

Hard Lessons (The Week: Society)

A federal court says schools are not responsible for sexual abuse of pupils

Underground History (The Week: Society)

Builders uncover a huge burial ground for African-American slaves


Can You Picture This?

Kodak's new Photo CD system offers casual shutterbugs their first glimpse of a revolution that is sweeping the world of photography



Do Bad Guys Walk? (The Week: Business)

Insiders charge that the S&L cleanup agency is letting friends off easy


Midsummer Night's Spectacle (Theater)

Shakespeare is a reliable summer hit, especially performed outdoors. So why is he a hard sell under a roof in winter?