Afghan Women and the Return of the Taliban (Cover)

As the U.S. searches for a way out of Afghanistan, some policymakers suggest negotiating with the Taliban. But that would spell disaster for half the country's population: Afghan women

Portraits of the Women of Afghanistan

Video: Photographer Jodi Bieber traveled to Afghanistan to shoot portraits of women there, from an Olympic athlete to politicians to a woman severely burned in a suicide attempt


Beyond the Leaks: Our Pakistan Problem (Commentary / In the Arena)

Forget the secret war documents that WikiLeaks released and even Afghanistan. What counts is how the U.S. deals with Pakistan


Good News for Obama in Ohio? (The Well / Nation)

Ohio has lost 400,000 jobs since 2007, but Democratic candidates running for both governor and senator actually stand a chance in November

Battleground Ohio

Photos: Leading up to November elections, Democrats in Ohio and beyond hope voters are angrier at Republicans than at them

Understanding the Oil Spill's Psychic Toll (The Well / Environment)

For all the environmental and economic harm caused by the disaster in the Gulf, the most lasting--and least visible--damage could be inflicted on the mental health of its victims

Crabbing in the Gulf after the BP Oil Disaster

Photos: A glimpse into the daily life of the Landrys of St. Bernard Parish, who navigate through daily closures and openings to find crab grounds that haven't been impacted by the spill





Building a Better Playground (Life / Parenting)

Swings and slides don't foster much creativity. Why cities are joining the loose-parts revolution

Building a Better Playground

Video: Imagination Playground is designed to encourage messy, creative play, with a lot of loose parts. On opening day, hundreds of kids tested it out


10 Questions for Jorge Ramos (10 Questions)

The Noticiero Univision anchor has a new book, A Country for All, out now. Jorge Ramos will now take your questions




The Skimmer

Book Review: Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void by Mary Roach