Stopping The Oil Spill (The Well / Nation)

As BP shows some success capping its runaway well, Time goes on board the drilling rigs that are faced with the challenge of fixing the disaster once and for all

Drilling the Relief Well

Photos: TIME gets on board the drilling rigs that will fix the Deepwater Horizon disaster once and for all

Detroit's Hair Wars: Part Art, Part Trade, All Attitude (The Well / Assignment Detroit)

An annual showcase of hairstylists in Detroit highlights the creative spirit of a city that might be down, but refuses to be out

Detroit's Hair Wars

Photos: In a city where hairstyling is big business, the annual display of salon talent is part art, part entertainment and all attitude. Here is a selection of the best from Hair Wars 2010


Soldiers Of Fortune (The Well / World)

To cement its wealth and power, Burma's junta is prepping the next generation of military and business elites, even as economic disparities grow wider and wider




Sandwich Philanthropy (Life / Cash Crunch)

Can Panera's pay-what-you-want café survive rough times? The bottom line may surprise you


10 Questions for Jon Hamm (10 Questions)

He reprises his role as ad exec Don Draper on AMC's Mad Men July 25. Jon Hamm will now take your questions