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Five Hotspots for Seeing--and Saving--the Animals

You can help the global conservation effort in any number of ways, but your best bet may be simply to take a vacation to a biodiversity hotspot

Photo Essay

10 Species On the Brink

Many of the planet's most endangered animals are also its remarkable. Here are a few of nature's superstars from Asia, the Americas, the Pacific and elsewhere that may soon be no more


Animals Under Siege

The earth supports amazing biodiversity, but much wildlife is coming under threat from one particularly successful species: us. Here's a look at our impact on the world's biodiversity


Why Are Army Recruiters Killing Themselves? (The Well / Nation)

Persuading young Americans to join a wartime Army is never easy. But the pressures on recruiters in one Texas battalion have been deadly

Suicide in the Recruiters' Ranks

Photos: The pressure to sign up new soldiers can be deadly. Photographer Ashley Gilbertson documents the grief of two families struggling to cope with their loss

How Obama Is Using the Science of Change (The Well / Nation)

It's more than a campaign slogan. Inside the White House's plan to employ behavioral economics to promote its agenda — and fundamentally alter the way Americans live



Postcard from Rangoon (Postcard: Rangoon)

A visit to Burma reveals a people's hope for the future amid life under tyranny. Out of the darkness, a sliver of light




Can Detroit Be Retooled — Before It's Too Late? (The Well / The Economy)

The President's auto task force is imposing a brutal overhaul of U.S. automakers that may include bankruptcy for GM. But the payoff could be huge when car sales rebound. And they will



10 Questions for Amy Poehler (10 Questions)

The SNL alum stars in the new TV comedy Parks and Recreation. Amy Poehler will now take your questions


The Big (Green) Apple (Global Business / Megacities)

New York City's pioneering PlaNYC plots a more crowded but eco-friendly metropolis

Open Skies Tries to Get Lift (Global Business / Global Adviser)

BA's new baby is everything you'd want in an airline. But is being good good enough?

Business Books (Global Business)

Why is it (still) so difficult for working couples to share household management? Getting a grip on those Gen Y brats. The myths and musts of working at home


Life Cycle

A special issue tracks the planet's vanishing animal species, the science of change and the plight of America's military recruiters


The Skimmer

Book Review: Family Properties: Race, Real Estate and the Exploitation of Black Urban America by Beryl Satter


The TIME 100

To help select the world's most influential people, four previous honorees offer their nominations when asked, Who should be on this year's list?

The 2009 TIME 100 Finalists

Cast your vote for the leaders, artists, entrepreneurs and thinkers who deserve a spot on this year's TIME 100