Darkness Falls (The Well)

One troubled student rains down death on a quiet campus

Inside a Mass Murderer's Mind (The Well / Psychology)

Cho Seung-Hui's rampage was the worst, but hardly the first. What have we learned about why such people kill?

What Can Schools Do?

Move too quickly against a troubled student and a university can be sued. But wait too long and there can be lawsuits too


Postcard: Wolong (Postcard From Wolong)

China is breeding pandas and releasing them into the wild. But with feral populations growing, why put captive bears under so much stress? Inside China's tough-love panda plan


It's All About Him

We should stop explaining killers on their terms. It's not about guns or culture. It's narcissism

The Substance Gap (Commentary)

The political class can't stop talking about the 2008 campaign. But that doesn't make it real news

Getting Around Bush (Commentary)

The President won't budge on Iraq. Here's an ingenious way the Democrats can get him to compromise


Outsourcing Breast Milk (Life: Technology-business-behavior-living / Living)

More U.S. moms are hiring wet nurses to breast-feed their babies. It's a trend that has some folks asking, Whose breast is best?

Was Timothy Leary Right? (Life: Technology-business-behavior-living / The Contrarian)

No, but new research on psychedelic drugs shows promise for their therapeutic use


Nightmare 2.0. (The Moment)

Tragedy hits the wired campus, showing technology's power and limits


Reading Gets Wired (Technoculture)

Meet the iPod for books. But do they really need a digital edit?


Downtime: Apr. 30, 2007 (Downtime)

Cheat Sheet. What you won't be able to avoid, what you should see--and what you should skip



Environmental Hazard (Global Business / STRATEGY)

Sanyo's ousted boss learned the hard way that it's not easy--or always profitable--being green

On the Road with Andy Cosslett (Global Business)

Greedy bellmen and snooty concierges never made this hotel boss feel welcome. So he got rid of them. Checking in without the attitude


The TIME 100

To help select the world's most influential people, earlier honorees offer their nominations when asked: Who should be on this year's list?