The Other Side (Jamestown)

History records that the Jamestown colonists overpowered the Indians. But it didn't have to work that way


Where It All Began

Inside the fort, the best and worst of America grew

The Root of the Problem (Jamestown)

Jamestown gave birth to a contradiction--a democracy that was committed to slavery

Captain John Smith (Jamestown)

He was a bully, a braggart and a rebel with a big chip on his shoulder. They would never have made it without him

Mad About You (Jamestown)

So what if they weren't lovers? Pocahontas and John Smith were fascinated with each other, and it saved the colony


Inside Hillary's Obama Counterattack (The Well / Nation)

Startled by the Illinois Senator's surge, Clinton is cozying up to fund-raisers, courting women and blacks and deploying Bill


No Baloney Candidate (Commentary)

John Edwards is honest and even funny about his mistakes, and not afraid to put the details on the table

Forced into a Gun Debate (Commentary)

Even after Virginia Tech, the Democrats ran from gun control. But they will have to re-embrace it if the Supreme Court tosses out D.C.'s strict ban


Boris Yeltsin (Assessment)

Brash and volatile, he led the revolution that created Russian democracy. Then his inept rule handed power back to foes of reform

Showdown (The Moment)

As Congress tangles with the President over Iraq, a lesson on truth


The End of a Zionist Idyll ( Postcard)

Nearly 100 years after its establishment, Israel's oldest kibbutz has voted to shed its socialist principles. Why life on the communal farm was not all it was cracked up to be

How to Prevent the Next Darfur (Darfur)

The world's worst man-made disaster highlights the potentially catstrophic effects of climate change on Africa

Inside the Green Zone (Iraq)

It was once the U.S.'s fortress in Iraq. But now the war is crashing in, leaving Westerners and Iraqis to wonder if anywhere is truly safe. Inside Baghdad's shrinking bubble



Why Ebola is Killing Gorillas (Health & Science)

A savage outbreak of the virus has been wiping out tens of thousands of apes and chimpanzees. Epidemiologists have just figured out the reason


Cheat Sheet (Downtime)

What you won't be able to avoid, what you should see--and what you should skip



Doubling Up (Global Business / Small Business)

Young co-preneurs are redefining the pleasures and perils of sharing a relationship as well as a business

A New Driver at the LPGA (Global Business / The Golf Game)

With a ton of young talent and a tough boss, the ladies' tour plans to close the gender gap


The TIME 100

To help select the world's most influential people, earlier honorees offer their nominations when asked, Who should be on this year's list?