God vs. Science (Society)

We revere faith and scientific progress, hunger for miracles and for MRIs. But are the worldviews compatible? TIME convenes a debate

Whose Idea Was This? (Nation)

The Army tries to send a soldier convicted of abuse at Abu Ghraib back to Iraq--to train Iraqi police


Inside Bomber Row

How America's most dangerous criminals mix with a Who's Who of the global jihad in a Colorado prison

The Snow Show (Profile)

He is more pundit than spokesman, really, but Bush's press secretary is getting away with it


The Case For Dividing Iraq

With the country descending into civil war, a noted diplomat and author argues why partition may be the U.S.'s only exit strategy



What Baker Should Tell Bush (Notebook / In the Arena)

Joe Klein on the memo that the former Secretary of State and co-chair of the Iraq Study Group ought to send to the President


Books: Drawing Conclusions (Books)

Roz Chast, expert chronicler of small things, has released a big book about life's little humiliations

Intimate Strangers (Culture Complex)

Movies and television are obsessed with stories about the random connections among casts of strangers


Secret Suppers (Food)

Tired of white tablecloths? Try rabbit adobo in a stranger's home


Best Inventions 2006 (Best Inventions 2006)

YouTube tops our list. But the year also brought hypoallergenic cats, wine-tasting robots, solar yachts, solid espresso and more

Web Shopping Guide

Shopping for presents is a big job. Fortunately, the Web is even bigger. Let it make your holidays jollier and easier

Tech Buyer's Guide

High-def TVs? Cheaper. Cell phones? Smarter and thinner. Video games? Sweeter. It's been a great year for all things electronic