My Mother, My President (Viewpoint)

So they've called each other names. These two are pros. And they get along fine

Searching for an Iraq Exit Strategy

A new team, made up of some old Bush family friends, will try to help the President find a way out of the Iraq mess. Will this family intervention succeed?


Ahead Of Their Time (Health)

How doctors are rethinking the growing problem of preterm births--by focusing on the moms, not the babies




The Secrets of Iraq's Death Row (Middle East)

With Saddam the latest to face the gallows, critics accuse Baghdad of hiding the real number of prisoners who are executed

Ortega's Encore (Profile)

How anti-U.S. cold warrior Daniel Ortega made his way back to power in Nicaragua

The Things They Carry (Middle East / Middle East)

Photographer Yuri Kozyrev captures the tokens of faith that help Marines face battle in Iraq



Hooray For Holy-wood (Movies)

Movie studios, usually pegged as disciples of Mammon, are now trying to reach the faithful




My Person Of The Year (Forum)

To help us make this year's selection, TIME asked people who were chosen in previous years for their 2006 nominations. The first installment:



Mexico's Paradox (Time Bonus Section December 2006: Global Business / Flash Point)

Moneyed Monterrey can't mask an economy that needs a million new jobs a year

Felipe Calderon (Time Bonus Section December 2006: Global Businessß / Q&A)

Mexico's President-elect tells TIME about his plans for economic reform Felipe Calderon

The NBA's Play for India (Time Bonus Section December 2006: Global Business / Strategies)

Having won over China, the league eyes a huge, cricket-mad country with little hoops history

Empires: India's Tiger (Time Bonus Section December 2006: Global Business / Empires)

Ratan Tata turned a sleepy firm into a global power by targeting the low end of the market

Entrepreneurs: The Cell Islands (Time Bonus Section December 2006: Global Business / Entrepreneurs)

Phone upstart Digicel has taken the Caribbean by storm. The company plans to make landfall on the U.S. next year

CEO Speaks: Ferruccio Ferragamo (Time Bonus Section December 2006: Global Business / CEO Speaks)

Still faithful to its Italian roots, a business moves from family hands as it flourishes in Asia

Travel: Rooms to Grow (Time Bonus Section December 2006: Global Business / Travel)

Service can't be knocked off, one reason Western hotels are betting big on China

Very Rapid Response (Time Bonus Section December 2006: Global Business / Technology)

What can business learn from auto racing? Split-second decision making, says a British tech firm