Caught in a Trap?

To keep Elian Gonzalez from being returned to his father, Miami's Cuban exiles are threatening violent resistance

Targeting a Gunmaker

Smith & Wesson broke ranks with its industry by settling with the feds. Now it's paying the price


No Man's Land

Hizballah is driving Israel from Lebanon. It wants even more power. An exclusive look inside

Russia's Dick Morris

Gleb Pavlovsky helped invent Vladimir Putin. Then he got him elected President. Here's how


Unkindest Cut? (Health)

Most moms don't need a minor surgery to deliver

The Feds Step Up the Pace (Health)

In the hot race to wrap up the human genome, government mappers say they're two-thirds home


Classroom for Hotheads (Behavior)

Anger management is the trendy remedy for criminals as well as mere cranks. Does it work?

Sipowicz Goes Cyber (Crime)

As Internet crime proliferates, local cops--most of them young--pioneer a new beat on the Web




The Network Effect

Cisco, only 10 years old, is emerging as the world's most valuable firm. Welcome to the post-PC market


Photography: Blood At The Root (The Arts / Photography)

In a shattering new photo book and exhibition, the atrocity that was lynching is held up to the light

Music: Two-Hit Wonders (The Arts / Music)

Out of the spotlight for nearly three years, No Doubt returns to prove pop can grow older gracefully

Books: The Subcontinentals (The Arts / Books)

Young, internationally savvy Indian writers are making smart, splashy literary debuts


Block That Hug (Personal Time / Your Family)

The rules on touching children have changed for parents who volunteer as coaches or tutors

How Much Risk? (Personal Time / Your Money)

Too few tech stocks are as bad as too many. Here's how to set up an all-weather portfolio

The Yolk's on Us (Personal Time / Your Technology)

Buried deep within your software's code, Easter eggs are subversive and fun. Crack one open

Cutting Stealth Flab (Personal Time / Your Health)

That winter baggage may be less than you thought. Still, it's spring, so here's how to lose it


Like Father, Like Son (Time Select / Global Business)

Hong Kong's Richard Li takes over a telecom giant and steps away from the shadow of billionaire Li Ka-shing

Help Wanted: Leaders (Time Select / Global Business)

China may abound in entrepreneurial spirit, but it badly lacks skilled managers. Foreigners are helping provide those M.B.A.s

Scents Of Change (Time Select / Global Business)

In a flooded fragrance marketplace, companies are seeking ways to bring customers to the counters--and secure market share

Gray is Good (Time Select / Global Business)

In the dotcom world, experienced managers used to be sneered at as suits. But the need for their skills is growing--and so is respect

Dark-Horse Jockey (Time Select / Global Business)

As the sole U.S. venture capitalist working in India's equivalent of Silicon Valley, Norman Prouty is able to burn up the track

Will We Live On Mars? (Visions 21 / Science & Space)

If we flew on the cheap and lived off the Red Planet's resources, we could be a two-world species within a generation

Will We Meet E.T.? (Visions 21 / Science & Space)

Most scientists used to believe that we would eventually encounter extraterrestrial life, even if it were microscopic. Now they're not so sure

Will A Killer Asteroid Hit The Earth? (Visions 21 / Science & Space)

Eventually, yes. But we don't have to take it lying down. Already astronomers are scanning the skies and preparing to defend the planet

Will We Keep Evolving? (Visions 21 / Science & Space)

As we spend more time online, our brains will get bigger and our eyes weaker, right? Wrong. That's not how evolution works

Will There Be Anything Left To Discover? (Visions 21 / Science & Space)

Is the great era of scientific inquiry over? Have all the big theories been formulated and important discoveries made--leaving future scientists nothing but fine tuning? Or is the real fun about to be

Will We Clone A Dinosaur? (Visions 21 / Science & Space)

If you use DNA taken from its myriad winged descendants, the idea is not as farfetched as it first appears

Will We Control The Weather? (Visions 21 / Science & Space)

Actually, we already do, and the results have not been good. The trick will be to devise a way to undo the damage

Can We Save California? (Visions 21 / Science & Space)

Predicting earthquakes is one thing; preventing them would be something else

Will We Travel To The Stars? (Visions 21 / Science & Space)

Interplanetary travel is child's play compared with interstellar travel. Nonetheless, we could make the journey--just not any time soon

Will We Figure Out How Life Began? (Visions 21 / Science & Space)

We may determine what started it all--but that might not tell us whether life was inevitable or just a lucky accident