Tel Aviv: 10 Things to Do

6. Hot Tables

Hot Tables: Amici Restaurant Uriel Sinai / Getty Images for TIME
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Tap into downtown Tel Aviv's culinary boom at a trio of buzzy new restaurants. Tzfon Abraxas, tel: (972-54) 678 6560, is a cozy boîte from local culinary bad boy Eyal Shani. His slim, split-level hot spot delivers mod takes on Levantine classics like grape-marinated lamb schwarma swimming in tangy tahini sauce. Nearby, Tapas Ahad Ha'am, tel: (972-3) 566 6966, delivers Spanish-styled small plates from chef Jonathan Roshfeld. The seared scallops and tuna a la plancha are foodie favorites. Up the road, chef Eran Shroitman serves up classic Italian at Amici, tel: (972-57) 944 3790.

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