Paris: 10 Things to Do

8. Piscine Josephine Baker

Paris City Guide Piscine Josephine Baker Julien Hekimian / Getty
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Alluring as the Seine River is, it's hardly fit for a swim — there's a reason why the man-made Paris Plage (Paris Beach) is a purely cosmetic shore. But for those of you who demand a dip in central Paris, you can swim on the river. The Piscine Josephine Baker is a glass-walled swimming pool built on a barge that is permanently moored just below the Bastille. Its modular design seems inspired by the Jetsons; its snazzy retractable glass roof opens to the sky in summer months, but also affords protection from inclement weather. The pool's 25 meters leave little room for Olympian efforts, but there's enough space on the deck to claim a spot in the sun.

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